Oct 1, 2012; Arlington, TX, USA; Victoria Secret chief executive officer Denise Landman poses for pictures inside the new Pink store at Dallas Cowboys Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Cowboys Crush Confidence; Chicago Cruises

I can’t just re-post my “I Wish” article from two weeks ago, right? Okay, fine.

The Dallas Cowboys have, once again, offend the five senses and embarrassed their die-hard fans in prime time. Instead of learning from their previous mistakes, the Cowboys allowed the Bears five turnovers and 28 points off turnovers en route to a Monday Night trouncing at Soldier Field South. The lone bright spot of the game was that Dallas finally stopped committing penalties in droves (only 2 for 10 yards): just in time to get trounced by 16 at home. Dez Bryant dropped back-breaking, drive-killing balls that Jason Witten dropped in the three previous weeks . Jason Garrett was completely out-coached again. Tony Romo built sympathy by getting consistently let down by his wide receivers, only to lose every bit of sympathy in the late stages of the second half by making even more horrible mistakes all by his lonesome. In short, the Cowboys stunk; which makes sense. If we are to call the Cowboys mediocre, it would require a few great performances, a few average performances and a few horrible performances. We have now seen two horrid performances in four incredibly hard-to-watch games.

Oct 1, 2012; Arlington, TX, USA; Chicago Bears tight end Kellen Davis (87) makes a fourth quarter catch against Dallas Cowboys safety Danny McCray (40) at Dallas Cowboys Stadium. The Bears beat the Cowboys 34-18. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

After the game, Tony Romo had the nerve to feed us the same line of bullsh** he has been saying after every confidence-shattering performance in his entire career. He stated, “I’m going to have to re-assess a couple of things that are happening and make sure they don’t happen again,” and “I just have to make a conscious effort to make sure to control that aspect. In saying that, I can’t try to do too much. I think I tried to do that too much. Going forward, I’m just going to have to do my job. And I will.” Now, I know that’s all he CAN say but if that’s the case, I sure wish he would have said nothing because the bad-Tony rhetoric is not inspiring and I do not believe a word he says any longer.

The running game continues to be a bad joke I am tired of listening to. Instead of giving any balance to the offense, the running game continues to be a liability. Plus, DeMarco Murray is fumbling now so that’s something. The offense only avoiding being the worst statistical offense in football because of a late, garbage-time, Kyle Orton touchdown and 2-point conversion.

The defense started playing well but, like the rest of the team, quit when the going got tough. They don’t deserve to be top 5.

I refuse to pretend this is somehow going to get better. It is not. The Ravens are going to toy with the Cowboys like a cat with a dead mouse. The Eagles are flying overhead, licking their lips (I don’t think Eagles have lips… whatever). I hope Jerry is happy with what he’s built. He sure seemed that way Monday night before the game. Victoria Secret models highlighted the start of the match, only to be drowned out by droves of Chicago Bears fans screaming, “Let’s Go Bears!”Jerry, I don’t know how you consistently disappoint the hell out of your fans and yet we all somehow give you money. I think it has something to do with the history of the team, but still, you are a genius. An evil, maniacal, a**hole genius. There’s a special place in football hell for you. LOOK at that picture. This is what we root for now.

I’ll always watch because I love this team but don’t expect any optimism here. You won’t find it. Find yourself a new, less soul-crushing hobby to balance out this year, Cowboys fans. fretting about hopeless team. Find something you can do in between games that does not involve I’m going to try reading.

I’ll see you in two weeks for the next one.

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  • Rick Kusturin

    They are who we thought they were.

  • bwall

    Looking at the schedule, I can easily see this team(garbage) at 2-7 after the eagles game.

  • Rf

    Truly this team need to b reevaulated.. Jason needs to b fire, Romo is talented, but his ride in Texas needs 2 stop. Let him go bc its to much talent on this team to defend excuses from coaches. Garret coaches like the old coach jim zorn from the Redskins. No excuses. jerry jones has learn his lesson like snyder owner of the redskins.

  • http://twitter.com/Spin_47 Les Bailey

    The problems started when JJ left, and haven’t stopped.

  • Big Ken on Big D

    This is the most pathetic team in football. Thanks Jerry. I gave you $150 dollars to have a brick put in your stadium that has a saying to honor my beloved mother who passed away 6 years ago. She loved the cowboys so much she lived and breathed that star on the helmet. I am embarressed for the memory of my mother. You have taken a storied franchise and have ruened it to the point of no return.
    Please whatever you do hire a coach that knows how to coach and players that have a sense of pride to where that star on their helmet. Years ago people wanted to play for the Cowboys now they try and hide from you on draft day. Stop the madness now JERRY. Foerget your pride and try and put the Cowboys before your selfish self. We as fans are what keeps your pockets full of money. Try and please us so we don’t have to watch this garbage on any given Sunday, Monday or even Thursday. Stop being arrogent Jerry with your stupid pizza commercials and put the team and fans in front of your self pride. It is not very becoming of you. I will never buy a Papa Johns pizza as long as your are doing their commercials. I mean realy you have lost to the Bears and Seahawks. How low can you go. What I saw last night was not a professional football team. It appeared to be a group of clowns posing as coaches and players. I guess you are in to clowns now Jerry. It seems you haved amassed a big group of them.

  • bwall

    This franchise has become the laughing stock of the nfl. Every team knows o line cannot run or pass block, and just sits and waits because they know every ball handler on this team will caugh it up. I can name only THREE players on this team that deserve to be on a better organized, better coached, better owned winning football team. The players are WITTEN, WARE, and LEE. I am sick and tired of seeing the same garbage play, constant turnovers and penalties, lack of execution. and I am VERY, VERY tired of the same sprew of going to get better, will work on it etc. There is something seriously wrong with this team, and most analysts agree that they cannot figure it out either. But one thing is for sure, it starts at the top. Until jerry figures out that this is not working, they will continue to bang their heads against the wall with crap players that went undrafted. All jerry cares about is flash and cash, not substance. I have been a fan since I began watching football in 1989 but am cannot support such acceptance for mediocrity. I have better things to do with my life then spend sundays watching the same turnovers, mistakes, lack of execution, and get embarrassed on national tv.This teams play over the past few years has been pathetic and disgusting to say the least. I really started this year with hope and optmisim just like everyone else, and really thought this team turned the corner against the giants, but this team has become experts of letting the fans down with a good win followed by 2-3 ugly, awful, pathetic losses. And I am sick of it. I will not be part of a fan base that its owner prodouly accepts mediocrity for exchange for the almight dollar.