A Chance for the Dallas Cowboys to turn things around

All hope seems lost after a pathetic performance last night by the Dallas Cowboys. At this point in time, the Dallas Cowboys only have one week, and one opportunity to turn things around. It was apparent that Tony Romo and the Cowboys offense failed miserably last night against the Chicago Bears, dropping passes and interceptions was the reason they had lack of success. The offense managed to give up a total of 14 points to the Bears, which alone was enough to seal their fate for defeat. Although, Tony Romo may take the heat for the Cowboys loss, his interceptions weren’t entirely his fault. Still, the Cowboys have taken a step backwards and now have a bye week to try to fix things.

The bye week is a perfect time for injured players to try to make their way back to the field. The Cowboys have plenty of injuries on defense and it showed Monday night. The defense has been consistently ineffective on getting to the opposing quarterbacks; this showed last night when they went against a suspect Chicago offensive line. Jay Ratliff can help Dallas get that added pressure their missing on defense if he manages to return after the bye week. Without the pass rush and inside defensive line presence of Jay Ratliff, it’s really simple for opposing quarterbacks to step up in the pocket and make easy throws.

As for the offense, they without question or hesitation need to help Tony Romo up front. Phil Costa could help if he manages to get healthy after the bye week, but even the presence of Costa may not be enough to fix this line. Not only have they been unproductive on pass protection but they have also been unsuccessful in producing holes for DeMarco Murray to run through. The only issue for the Cowboys right now is that they may have to rely on this offensive line for the rest of the year, unless they can find a few solid offensive linemen in free agency.

The tough three game stretch after bye week won’t be easy for the Dallas Cowboys, but they can still recover from their failure if they shape up this week. The games they need to be ready for include a game against the Baltimore Ravens, followed by a game in Carolina against the Panthers, and ending with a home game against the New York Giants. It won’t be a walk in the park for the Cowboys, they need to change things now if they don’t they’ll be heading for a top 10 draft pick rather than a shot at a title.

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  • Fresh Start

    Nick Saban & Geno Smith Coming 2 Big D Soon!!!!!

  • kurumba

    With the rugged upcoming schedule the team MUST ACTIVATE BOTH RBs TANNER & OLAWALE and get them practicing for over a week. Inturn FELIX JONES MUST BE SACKED. The only way to rebuild confidence in BOTH Romo & The OL is TO RUN THE FOOTBALL ABOUT 40 times against Baltimore and RUN IT HARD! The OL must be given a shot to block downfield and quit on THE FINESSE GAME! Both Tanner & Olawale can pound the football and both are physical inside ponders. What’s more Baltimore has NO GAME FILM ON EITHER TANNER or OLAWALE. The staff has two weeks or so to incorporate a heavy dose of Tanner & Olawale. Look what Bill Belichik did at Buffalo, he used #38 Bolden a rookie I have never seen before. result: Big Road Win and Bolden rushes for 2tds and about 150 yards. That is smart coaching. Callahan knows about running the football. So let Callahan use BOTH Tanner & Olawale in a power running game which will at least make the game competitive and close.

  • kurumba

    Another player who needs to see the field is #84 James Hanna. I would bench Dez Bryant OR use him as just a punt returner and employ TWO TIGHT END SETS a la Belicheck and Brady. Split them out regularly to give Romo a shot at either Hanna OR Witten. Use Witten heavily to BLOCK on many running plays. Get rid of wekling Feilx Jones. Use both Tanner & Olawale against Baltimore in a shock tactic. Callahan has two weeks or so to prepare for a HEAVY DOSE OF RBS against The Baltimore Hoons. Use Jmaes Hanna as a dowmfield pass option and bench Bryant. In Pre Season Hanna caught almost everything. GARRETT: WHY IS HANNA NOT IN THE PASSING GAME?

    • Nick

      Dez is way too big of a presence to bench, be realistic. Even if he dropped every pass, he pulls a lot of defense to him which frees up other receivers. You do know teams have specific defenses for him, right? Dez has his goofs but he also comes up with some pretty electrifying plays.

  • jrcowboy49

    Due to Jerry’s arrogance and failure to complete the offensive line transformation beginning with the 2011 draft, Dallas is headed to a top 10 pick. With the Ravens, Panthers, Giants, Falcons, and Eagles next on the schedule, they could lose all 5 games with how they are playing!

  • bwall

    Some people just don’t get it, this team cannot and will not “turn it around”. This franshise has been stuck in mediocrity for years. I will tell you what will happen, the cowboys MIGHT beat the ravens, then lose in miserable fasion to the next opponent. This team has been experts of getting a good win and laying an egg against the next opponent. Or what will happen is this team will lose 4 out of the next 5 and that is all she wrote for this year.

  • ctcowboy1968

    If Phil Costa is our OL savior, then we are in real trouble! The #1 priority right now is to strengthen the OL and run the ball. Man up.

  • kurumba

    In order to have any hope against the upcoming foes and assuming Garrett is left as HC I would do the following: [1] Sack FELIX JONES PRONTO! He is a dead weight loss on the active roster & an anchor around the team’s neck; [2] Activate Tanner & possibly Olawale in order to establish a constant rushing attack; [3] POUND THE FOOTBALL 35-40 times per game [4] Get Romo to use play action passes plus the shotgun on pass plays; [4] Activate #84 James Hanna and employ a Belichick style two tight end set on most plays. Hanna caught almost every pass thrown his way in pre season and he did catch the onside kick in the Tampa Bay game. Hanna can be a real downfield threat; [5] Bench Bryant and let Hanna take his spot. Hanna can catch 30-35 yd receptions so why waste more time with Bryant? Note: Emphasis on the rushing yards should get the OL to play more aggressively and with focus.

  • Nick

    I think a lot of our problems stem from Jerry Jones being in the GM position. Stick to being an owner and hire a qualifid GM to manage this team. You’re wasting so much talent Jerry, wake up! Swallow your pride just once.