Sept 16, 2012; Seattle, WA, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) and Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant (88) sit on the bench during the fourth quarter against the Seattle Seahawks at CenturyLink Field. Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-US PRESSWIRE

Dallas Cowboys Loss a Tough Pill to Swallow

The Dallas Cowboys corrected penalty issues from Week One after being flagged only five times during Sunday’s loss to the Seattle Seahawks. Other than that stat, there was very little on the bright side for Cowboy fans to look at. Special teams issues from 2011 seem to have not been corrected and in only the 2nd game of the season reared their ugly head. And it all started with the opening kickoff fumble by running back Felix Jones that led to a Seahawks’ field goal.

The  Cowboys had yet to open a season with consecutive wins since 2008, and will have to wait until 2013 before getting another attempt to do so. CenturyLink field is never an easy place to play, and with the 12th Man Army behind the Seahawks, they got the home field advantage they needed.

Entering into Sunday’s match-up, the Cowboys were 9-5 all-time versus the Seahawks and had won the previous four regular season contests. Did the Cowboys come off such an emotional high after beating the defending Super Bowl champs in Week One that the team looked past the team from Seattle during a ten day lay-off?

The game displayed two of the youngest rebuilt defensive secondary units in the league. But it was the Seahawks overall younger defensive unit that showed fire and fortitude, stringing together four quarters of wherewithal. The last regular season match-up between these two teams was on November 27th, 2008. The Cowboys won 34-9 in Dallas. The Cowboys defense sacked then Seahawks QB, Matt Hasselbeck seven times with DeMarcus Ware leading the way with three sacks. Ware was a non-factor on Sunday, unable to register a single sack against an offensive line missing top tackle, Russell Okung.

The Cowboys coached defensive unit is currently being downgraded to below that of both the Arizona Cardinals and Seattle Seahawks defensive units. Unless this was merely a trap game, and Dallas can bounce back, then at this moment the Cowboys appear to be no better than an 0-2 New Orleans Saints team that gives the appearance to have a bit of trouble with quarterbacks that can make plays with their feet.

Cowboys 31 – Seahawks -13 was my prediction going into the game. That score was close to being right, except the teams were wrong. After a day of football in which division rivals New York Giants and the Philadelphia Eagles generated comebacks in order to win, the Cowboys now sit at 2nd place in the NFC East. Still behind Philadelphia, and tied with Washington while holding a tie breaker with the New York.

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  • Artie C

    The game reminded me of the 49ers game last year. We didn’t know how improved or how tough they were going to be and we almost lost that one. The Seahawks look like this years version of the 49ers, taking a couple teams by surprise until the league figure out what a tough out they are.

  • californy

    The Cowboys had no adjustment, the Seahwaks dictated the pace of the game, and it seem we were only spectators to what they wanted to do. When you look at the Seahawks, they were not even spectacular in their play, it was our lack of effort and preparation that cost us this game. We had 11 day between game and we squander what I consider a needed win. It only get toughter from this point on. Our victory in NY doesnt carry much when we lose these game to team like Seattle.

  • Judy Daugherty Inman

    Just a heartbreaking game to watch for Cowboy fans. Appeared to be total confusion with Cowboys. The Cowboys should prepare to take on any team as if they’re the reigning Super Bowl Champs.

  • ctcowboy1968

    Here we go again. Inconsistency leading to mediocity. Another year of supposedly talented players with awful coaches. The coaches can’t get the players ready and can’t adjust as the ship is sinking.

    • Rick Mage

      Oh, STFU, ctcowboy1968. You know, I consider you worse than those Eagles fans. Nothing is worse than a “fake” Cowboys fan who panicks, cries, bickers, and is ready to trade the whole team, including the coaching staff, after game fuckin’ 2! Why don’t you go root for the Packers or the Giants?

      • ctcowboy1968

        There’s a positive and negative way to respond. You have chosen the negative. I have been a Cowboy die hard fan for 44 years. That’s probably way before you were even a glimmer in your pappy’s eye. I have lived and died with this team. I am anything but fake. I dispise the eagles and gaints.
        This team has a .500 record over the past decade or so. I want better. I expect them to win this weekend. Hopefully, they don’t start a win then lose rhythm.
        I don’t want to trade anyone. I want players to play up to their potential, especially the playmakers. Tony can’t carry this team on his back forever. I want coaches to elevate the play of younger players. That’s what they are supposed to do. IMO, JJ and JG are inferior at their jobs.
        Tone it down dude. Don’t make BS accusations when you don’t have any facts. I am on this website supporting this team all the time. I have lived in the enemy’s camp for decades and take crap form giant fans all the time.
        Being a foul mouthed hard ass on the internet is so juvenile.

        • Rick Mage

          If you want me to “tone it down”, then don’t clog this site with “I quitCowboys are going to have another crappy” season statements. I HATE loud mouth quitters, I really do. We could have probably taken Vietnam if it wasn’t for loud mouths like you! Should we had gone in? Probably not, but we should have at least won that one since we did go in, in the first place. And we could have, but loud mouths like you were screaming their heads off. So, we forced the U.S. military to quit when they were ahead. And we have been paying for it, ever since. If the Cowboys had a couple of players “like you” on their team, they would never win! People like you bring everything down. So if you don’t like me making these supposed “bullshit accusations” that you “claim” are bullshit, maybe you should keep your “I quit on the Cowboys” attitude to your self. Meaning, maybe you should just STFU. Btw, I think I was right dead on with my first statement.

          • ctcowboy1968

            What does Vietnam have to do with anything? BTW, we were never going to win that war because our country never had the stomach to do what needed to be done.
            I never quit. I stated quite the opposite.
            You are just a dumb a$$ homer that isn’t intelligent enough to understand the short comings of this team. It starts with the HC and OL.
            So since you continue to want to make this personal, come out from behind your keyboard little boy. Your mouth will be shut.

          • Rick Mage

            lol, Internet tough guy, eh? ;) I would totally put a hurting on you, old man. ;) 20 bucks says that you wouldn’t be able to last 4 minutes with me without dying of a heart attack, first. I would probably end up doing CPR on your punk ass! :p Just joking, I would just sit there and laugh at your punk ass while you died. ;) And coming after me with a weapon would most likely be a death sentence for you. I’m not saying that I’m some John Rambo, but I am skilled in hand to hand combat and also skilled in small arms combat tactics. So, I think the best thing for you to do is to just sit there, where it’s safe, and just keep talking your silly shit. ;) And you’ve just backed my point up. Like I said, we had too many people like you spouting your “let’s all quit!” attitude to win war in Vietnam…But the thing is this. We were winning, and those commy bastards were on the verge of quitting, themselves. However, we had too many people like YOU screaming their heads off. How does this relate to the Cowboys? You’re an idiot for not seeing it, but I’ll tell you. The Cowboys are getting their pieces put together, and they should be a tough team to beat at the end of the season. They should be fighting for a playoff spot. They were, last year, and they are actually now better than they were, last year. If they can make it into the playoffs, they will be hard to beat. That’s if Jerry Jones don’t listen to crying, screaming, fake Cowboys babies like you, and start getting rid of players and coaches. But I seriously do wish it was lawful to have screaming “Brave Heart” like death battles between the real Cowboys fans like me and the fake Cowboys fans like you. ;) Cowboys nation is in dire need of a good cleansing.

          • ctcowboy1968

            More with Vietnam? This is a football website. Let’s keep it on point. Has your ADD medication lapsed? Besides, I was 12 when the US was in Vietnam and I supported the war. So again you don’t know what you are talking about. I fear no man and need no weapons. Careful what you wish for. I hope this team can make it to the playoffs. The reality is that right now the HC and OL are so weak that it could ruin their chances. I never said quit or trade. You imagined that. Ricky, I hear your mama calling… she’s cleaned out your favorite pair of pink undies.

  • NJ super fan

    This game was a sight for sore eyes, how much more of Rob Ryan’s defensive nightmares do us fans have to deal with this guy is a loser here never had a top rated defense, he is the absolute worst thus puts to much pressure on the whole team, no pressure on this rookie qb are you kidding me. It’s simple Ryan needs to go.

    • Rick Mage

      New York still sucks…

  • Rick Mage

    Seriously, guys. Did you really think that the Cowboys were going to go 19 & 0 for this season? Calm down. Now, if the Cowboys lose THIS game coming up, then it’ll be time to start getting worried…

  • Rick Mage