Aug 18, 2012; San Diego, CA, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) watches on the sidelines during the game against the San Diego Chargers at Qualcomm Stadium. The Chargers defeated the Cowboys 28-20. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-US PRESSWIRE

Dallas Cowboys: Pay This Man!

Ed Werder from ESPN has recently reported that Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones wants to start negotiations with quarterback Tony Romo on a contract extension.  That report can be read here.

Tony Romo’s current contract is set to expire next year if he remains on the team through the end of the 2013 season. There is a clause in his contract that states he would be under contract from 2014-2016, if he is ever traded. Those years are voidable if he remains with the Cowboys through 2013. This year, Romo’s salary is 8 million, which is quite a bargain. Next year his salary balloons to 16 million.

Recently, Houston’s quarterback Matt Schaub received a contract extension of 4 years, 62 million. That averages out a little over 15 million per year. In the offseason, quarterbacks Peyton Manning and Drew Brees received contracts that averaged out to approximately 20 million per year. If Tony Romo was to receive a new contract extension, it would probably be between Schaub’s contract and Manning/Brees’ contracts. I say it could fall somewhere in the neighborhood of a 4 year/70 million dollar extension through 2017. This averages out to 17.5 million per year.

There are many reasons why Jerry Jones needs to lock up Romo with a contract extension. One is that great quarterbacks are hard to find. Romo has had many ups and downs in his career. Early in the season last year, Romo had monumental breakdowns against the New York Jets and the Detroit Lions. But he bounced back from those games and had his best statistical season of his career with a quarterback rating of 102.5.

The second reason why Jones needs to do this, is that with every great game that Romo has, Romo gains more leverage in contract negotiations. Thus, the more money Romo is going to want to be paid. His price will only continue to go up if Romo takes the Cowboys deep into the playoffs.

Thirdly, Jones is probably feeling some pressure in doing the contract now, before the Balitmore Ravens extend Joe Flacco’s contract. Although Flacco does not compare to Romo in passing statistics, Flacco is much younger, he has a much better winning percentage and has more playoff wins than Romo. If it wasn’t for a dropped touchdown pass in last year’s championship game, the Ravens would have been in the Super Bowl. So there is a chance the Ravens could sign Flacco to a contract that is closer to Manning’s and Brees’ contracts, which would mean that Jerry Jones has to sign Romo to a more expensive contract. Jones probably does not want Baltimore to dictate what he pays Romo.

The debate whether Romo should be considered and paid like an elite quarterback can be one of the most intense debates between NFL experts. But with no other free agent options, and no young and up coming quarterback on the Cowboys depth chart, it is Tony Romo who gives this team the best chance to get them to the Super Bowl in the future. This is why Jerry Jones needs to pay this man!


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  • californy

    There is no doubt in my mind Tony Romo is a great QB. I have never take a shot at him because of his play. I am also not a fan of a QB either. My favorite players are Witten and Emmitt Smith because of the physical toughness they offer in how they play the game.
    The answer seem clear just signed Romo. But this answer is far from clear.
    I assume Romo believe he can play another 10 years of football. It just wont happen here in Dallas. You cant pay Romo what he is worth and also guarantee him the protection he deserves in the next 10 years. It almost impossible with JJ track record in the draft and FA. Dont be surprise if Tony Romo can get bigger contract else where in the NFL. I know what you are thinking Tony owes his loyalty to the team, but in reality he doesnt. He has been underpaid for year, and his loyalties have changed, it must include the best interest in family. The best interst will to play a long career here in the NFL with some top dollar in his contract. If Tony Romo had been a FA this year dont be surprise if team like Denver, Jacksonville, Jaguars, KC and even Tampa might have shown some interest in him this year. Why did I mention these team, because all these team had huge cap space and all have good line who are made to run. A good run team will take some pressure off the QB, plus with the cap space they can easily become good team over night.
    The Cowboys are in Cap hell for years to come. JJ put them in that situation. I didnt know about Romo ballon payment, but I did know about Carr 15 million dollar contract next year, and I assume Scandrick a non starter will have a ballon playment in his contract as well. Dont forget Dez possible future contract, if he out preforms Miles in yardage this year he wont take anything less than what Miles is earning at 8.54 million a year. You also have to factor in Sean lee Contract in the future. With these contract alone you can not give Romo the protection he will need to make it in the NFl for another 10 years. Romo know this so, dont be surprise if he will consider his options.

  • Cowgirlcas22

    Romo needs to be smart and consider his options. There are teams who would sell the farm to get him. Look what Az gave up to get a scrub like Kolb, or Wash for an unproven rookie. Romo has already seen that JJ has no desire to protect him. I am A Die Hard Cowboys fan, but Romo is my favorite player, so I want him to be smart! Go where he is protected. He has a family now and needs to think about whats best for him! JJ has shown he doesn’t appreciate him enough to give him a solid OL. Harbaugh would kill for a QB like Romo. SF is a QB away from a dynasty! For the record, Romo has a better career rating than Manning or Brees, is more mobile, and in my mind a better QB who is worth more money. All he has lacked is the supporting cast JJ will never give him!

    • Reid

      While I agree with your assessment, it is only partial agreement.
      I don’t think JJ doesn’t care about Romo.

      I think it has been hard for JJ to stay away from the flashy toys. For the last 10+ years, we have had “weapons” offensively. That same emphasis has not been on either the OL or DL, where all the action begins. We successfully plugged holes and got lucky, but never made a concerted effort to make either of those units a strength of the team.

      Romo’s escapability has made the OL, as a unit, look better than it really ever has been. His eye-popping stats, behind an average-at-best unit only served to confirm the theory that it was not necessary. However, any smart football mind will argue that this is simply not true.

      Hopefully, JG and SJ are driving this ship more than ever before and the OL woes will become a thing of the past. At this point, we can only hope that Romo is resigned and gives us many more great years of service. While the Cowboys offer him more protection than ever before…

  • JohninTX

    You guys are blowing smoke! Romo needs to go! Like the guy but he’s not the leader we need when the going gets tough…