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Landry Hat staff writer, Michael Huff, was featured on this week’s Cowboys Imperial Report on He discusses the upcoming Dallas Cowboys vs. Seattle Seahawk game, the Cowboy’s current injury situation and much, much more. Listen to the full interview below or read the the transcript of the show further below. Great job Michael and a special thank you to staff writer Mark Lane, a.k.a. The Emperor!

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Full transcript of  the show:

The Emperor:    Let’s go ahead and get to Michael Huff, a staff writer for The Landry Hat, and he’s going to give us his thoughts on the Cowboys taking on the Seahawks. Welcome to the program, Michael.

Michael Huff:    Thank you.

TE:        The Cowboys are taking on the Seahawks and they had 7 penalties in the 4th quarter last week against the Giants. Everybody talks about Seattle and the crowd and the 12th Man. So, will the penalties get worse in Seattle?

MH:    I think they’ll show some improvement, especially Ryan Cook and him having this last week to practice. I think integrating into the offense will make him a lot better. I expect there will be a lot more acceptable amount of penalties. But I don’t think they’ll look as bad as the fourth quarter did last week.

TE:        That’s good to hear. Somebody that looked real well was Tony Romo. He threw for three touchdowns in last week’s encounter. And now people are saying he’ll throw for three touchdowns again. So how do you see our offense taking shape in Seattle?

MH:    Well, I don’t think the pass rush is going to be as fierce as what we faced last week. But I think Tony will still have to do some spinning, scrambling to get out of trouble. I think DeMarco Murray will still do his thing. Yeah, I think three is right on. I’m hoping to see four [touchdowns]. But I feel real good about three.

TE:        How good do you feel about Gerald Sensabaugh’s concussion? Presuming that he’s out, how good would you then feel about the Cowboys’ secondary?

MH:    Well, in Sensabaugh can’t play, he’ll be missed for sure. But I think Rob Ryan will change the scheme a bit, protect the defensive backfield; could hurt our pass rush. But I’m hoping not. What we do have, I think, is the fastest group of linebackers in the NFL. And I think that makes a difference and will make a difference in this game.

TE:        The Seattle Seahawks — they had 16 points last week. Do you think that accurately represents their offense?

MH:    Yeah, I think that’s about right for most teams with a rookie quarterback. However, I expect our defense to be better than Arizona’s. So, I would expect us to hold them to 10 to 13 points.

TE:        Wow. I would certainly — I’d like that improvement over last — well, in their case, it would be a decline. But you get what I mean.

MH:    Sure.

TE:        Do you think Russell Wilson next week, in lieu of those 10 to 13 points — do you think he’s going to have a “welcome to the NFL” game against the Cowboys?

MH:    I hope so. In fact, I think our defense is better than what they faced last week. So I hope they put more pressure on him than they did. We just can’t let him use his feet to make plays that he can’t with his arm.

TE:        Right, and if he can’t make plays with his arm, there are guys that can make plays with their legs and those are notably Marshawn Lynch and Leon Washington. So, who do you think the Cowboys need to stop the most? Marshawn Lynch and the ground game or Leon Washington and his incredible returns?

MH:    Well, I say Lynch because he’s a tough runner. He’s very hard to stop. Washington did make some big plays, but I think it will make for some more consistency to see Lynch. Now, as I said, I think we need to be on the top of our game as far as special teams coverage and make sure Washington doesn’t do something to us.

TE:        Michael, tell me. What’s your prediction and what do you want the Cowboys do?

MH:    Well, let me say I did a prediction before the Giants game that was very, very close to what happened. So let’s see if I can hit it again. I think Romo will have plenty of opportunities — comfortable doing his thing spinning, scrambling, so forth. Murray will have a good day; run well. I think our defense does a good job. So I think it’s something like 28-13 Cowboys of course.

TE:        Yeah, that would be okay. I would like to see the Seahawks’ number a little lower, but a win is a win. And it certainly was a win to have somebody like you on The Imperial Report. Michael Huff joining us. When do your articles come out? Because I notice you get to write two articles that get published in the middle of the week.

MH:    Well, actually, my times are on Saturday, I write just kind of a fun entertainment type article at 7:00 PM on Saturdays. Just kind of an in-fun kind of thing. Take a look at that. And then again at 3:00 PM on Monday afternoon. I post a — I guess you would say a serious Cowboy column.

TE:        And we can look for those on Saturday and Monday. Michael Huff, thanks for joining us on The Imperial Report.

MH:    Thanks for inviting me.

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