Dec 11, 2011; Dallas, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys linebacker DeMarcus Ware (94) drops into pass coverage against the New York Giants at Cowboys Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

DeMarcus Ware Lays It Out

Aug 29, 2012; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys cheerleader performs during a time out in the fourth quarter against the Miami Dolphins at Cowboys Stadium.The Cowboys beat the Dolphins 30-13. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-US PRESSWIRE

In just three days the Dallas Cowboys will open up the season against the New York Giants. I know a lot of writers will be posting on that this week so I am going to lean in a differen’t direction. I am excited about the match up on Wednesday night, but after having a few drinks on a late Saturday night, I do have some other topics I would like to voice my opinion on.

The season is officially open, and regardless of what other players in the league we may admire, it’s time to show our loyalty for our favorite team and consider all others as enemies. As fans of the Dallas Cowboys it is in our blood to hate the New York Giants, the Philadelphia Eagles, and the Washington Redskins. Every other team may be hated as well unless they are playing one of the other teams in the NFC East division. As for me , I have a new team to place in the the hatred category, the New Orleans Saints.

Recently the one and only DeMarcus Ware has told the media about his injury that gave him and all his fans a big scare back in 2009. It was a neck injury he suffered against the San Diego Chargers that led him to being carted off the field on a stretcher. The following week the Cowboys had to head to New Orleans to face of against the then undefeated Saints. Miraculously DeMarcus Ware had overcome the injury to play in that game, but was reported to have limited playing time and only be a third down pass rusher.

In the opening possession for the Saints when they did indeed reach a third, down they pulled a play that shouldn’t go unnoticed. With them being a team that passes the ball on almost every third down, they decided to rush directly at the recently injured DeMarcus Ware. Everyone that knows who DeMarcus Ware is, putting the ball in his face is a mistake, unless your intentions are to get him out of the game. I can’t imagine a team changing team stratagies just to try to knock a player out of the game.

Wait a minute what team has been disciplined for trying to intentionally hurting players for cash awards? The New Orleans Saints. They have received a lot of attention for the bounty program and although some may feel that the suspension of Sean Payton is unjustified, I feel that the statements of DeMarcus Ware makes it less than justified.

If Reggie Bush gave up his Heisman Trophy and Lance Armstrong was stripped of his numerous achievements for not completely following the rules, could anyone object if the Saints where stripped of the lone Super Bowl title the won by not following rules?  I could have cared less if DeMarcus Ware wasn’t a target, but being the fan that I am, I have no respect for the Saints.

I hope that all other Cowboys fans feel the same as I do and that we all have our game face on. The season is here and it is time cheer. Go Cowboys!

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  • Dboyz62

    What the Saints and Gregg Williams did was pure evil. Whatever goes around comes around.

    • cowbitches

      Right on! Look at all the unnecessary roughness and illegal hits they got flagged for! And look at the over 18,000 pages of evidence the league showed! Wait;
      Third least penalized for “illegal” hits, and less than 150 pages of the 18,000 pages of proof. That’s all the “proof” we need right?

  • Judy Daugherty Inman

    I agree what the Saints and Gregg Williams did was pure evil. They should be stripped of their Super Bowl trophy! To purposely injure human beings is sick, twisted and a disgrace to the NFL and it’s fans!

  • cowboy

    Let’s not be crybabies.. I’m a Dallas fan and I may not have liked the Saints rushing directly to Ware, but who are we kidding? Every sensible coach would do that. You attack the weakest part. In the same way everybody always goes after the QB for what exactly? To knock him down and knock him down hard. He may not throw that accurately anymore after a few hits. The league has always been like this. I don’t like the Saints but let’s not act like a bunch of wussies. If Ware wasn’t able to stop the run, then he shouldn’t be out on the field. This is a league of MEN. You think the cowboys would NOT take advantage of a semi-injured player? I’d certainly hope they do!

  • MLaw

    Absolutely agree. Thank you for bringing this up. I had to live in Louisiana for 4 years and endure intense SaintsNation fandom, and I can assure you they are amongst the whiniest, classless franchises in the league. They don’t care if they were dirty, all they care about is winning and Breesus.

  • [email protected]

    Luck the damn Aints!!!

  • Mark Bender

    Your “hate” is based upon an assumption and is without cause. Frankly, you simply want to believe your sown faulty logic. Good luck to the Cowboys, but praise to the Saints.

  • Levi Glenn

    Attacking a teams weakness is one thing, but throwing a gameplan in the sewer to hurt a player is dirty and makes you no better than the rats in that sewer. The saints plans for Demarcus Ware obviously back fired and he almost single handedly stoped Drew Brees.
    The bottom line is that the Saints are dirty and that is based on the outcome of a very public investigation, not just belief of my own “faulty logic”. I believe in innocent until proven guilty. A team doesn’t lose draft picks, multiple suspensions, fines and a DC being banned for life for nothing. For a person to give praise to the saints for thier dirty accomplishments is just crazy. Obviously only a uneducated saints fan could have the ignorance to justify praise for them. They are lucky that they didn’t lose the 2009 title.
    If it were the Dallas Cowboys that played at that degree of disgrace I would still support them as my team but I would not give them praise.

    • thisarticlesux

      i guess next you’re gonna say, “take the Patriots championships away because of ‘Spygate’” or “the Ravens cause they hit too hard that year”. show some evidence of the Saints trying to injure other people (dont worry i’ll wait). and what coach in the league doesnt attack another teams weakness? last i checked they do it every week its called game planning. loser!!!

      • Levi Glenn

        have you not listened to the tapes of Greg Williams telling the team to go after crabtree and knock him out the game? you obviously have selective hearing and only follow football durring the game time and not the off season.

  • cowgirlstink

    wow what an idiot

    • Levi Glenn

      Really? thats it?

  • SaintsWillWin

    And were you equally disgusted with the hated Giants for saying they went after a 40-whiners players in the NFCC game with a history of concussions, with the intent to hit him hard enough to give him another concussion?
    I don’t recall you posting any rants saying the Giants should be stripped of their Super Bowl win because of attempting, and succeeding, in injuring a player for the purpose of winning a game.
    When the Saints played the Ravens a few years ago, Bush had a sore ankle, and a Ravens player was quoted as saying they were going to put some extra “hot sauce’ on that ankle. Where was the outrage from Kommisar Goodell and you for that!
    Why arent you upset with the Cowboys coaching/medical staff for putting an obviously injuried Ware into a meaningless game!

    • thisarticlesux

      all that goes over looked bro, this guy is an idiot. its obvious they allow anybody to write an article

      • Levi Glenn

        Thats right almost anyone can write an article, If my article urked you enough to try to insult me with the “idiot” comment I applaud you because it brings me great satisfaction to know that a person that you have never seen or met before got under your skin. Nothing is overlooked “bro” but maybe you should quit under looking the facts. Greg Williams admitted what he did was wrong how did you look at that? This is a fans website I appreciate your time and I am always open for criticism.

        • thisarticlesux

          yet in the game what player went after another player in a way with intent to injure? in any game under Williams did any player take a cheap shot trying to take another one out? you have no proof and of that do you? you are the one that needs to find some facts and stop going on everything that you hear or “think” you hear. like the guy wrote earlier i bet you believe that Iraq had WMD too dont you. like i said idiot.

    • Levi Glenn

      I also didn’t complain when Hall said he was going to aim his helmet at Romo’s ribs in week three of last season while they were broke. The point of the article is that trying to hurt Ware back fired on them and they didn’t prosper from the whole incident. If paying players for cart off injuries is OK then why force Bush to give back his heisman trophy? Why stripp Armstrong of his medals? Would have it been unpresidented to take the saints Super Bowl championship away considering the unfortunate circumstances of Bush and Armstrong?
      And by the way the game was not meaningless, If ware didn’t torture Brees like he did that game then the Cowboys wouldn’t have won thier Division that year.

  • Levi Glenn

    I love how many Saints fans dip into a Dallas Cowboys fan site. If you dislike what you read then please come on back. The Landry Hat likes viewers from all teams.

    • Mark Bender

      It was merely a link on the Saints fan-based web site…idiot!

      • Levi Glenn

        It was placed on there by a saints fan obviously. I had no tags to connect it with any saints web sites. you are the third idiot comment I find you saints fans hilarious. I guess i will have put saints fans in same catagory as Raiders fans. MENTALLY CHALLENGED. dont worry it wont be long before you can hide behind your paper bags again.

        • justhefactswilldo

          it was placed there because its obvious this article is about the Saints. i bet you also believed that Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction too.

  • californy

    Nice Article Levi, this is the kind of article you should be writing more of, controversial articles where you can get more than one side participating in. The saint fans I guess dont have good blog sites, or they would be there chatting up the storm. My guess is the 49 ers will knock off the Saints again, they have a better defense than theirs. The Saints seem to be lacking a good defense and now they lost William DC. They really dont have good DB and LB. I do like Sean paytan but he is gone. I like the OL and Running game best, but eventually you must possess the ability to stop someone and the saints just dont have that.
    I already reported on another article the top defenses are in the NFC east this preseason. The Eagles came in at 1, Giants came in at two, and the Cowboys came in at 6th. I dont recall where the Saints defense was last year, all I know is they seem to be lower than 15th rated. My guess is they came in like 23. That wont be enough to get by the Eagles, Giants or the 49ers.

    • Levi Glenn

      Thanks for the support Californy. I will def be writting more contraversal. I had a lot of fun with just reading the saints fans opinions. I dont see any other teams fans getting that much air in thier chest like these saints fans though

  • rmdz7

    Levin, my man. How’s the blog going?
    I thought you’d want to know, there’s a slight problem with what DeMarcus said: the Saints first 3rd down play was a 3 and 7, and Brees threw the ball to his right. The previous 2 plays, they were all passes, to the right of the QB, as in, which even is (I believe) opposite of where Ware lines up . The Saints never ran the ball on 3rd down the entire game.

    Then again, no one expects bandwagon bloggers to check facts, so we are cool! On a side note, I take it you jumped on the bandwagon during the Aikman years, early 90′s? Don’t you think is time to jump off?

    Anyway, my best to you. Hope you got all the hits you needed to stay a “contributor” in this fine website. Have a good one. See you in the playo.. er.. see you later.

    • justhefactswilldo

      dont worry he has no facts to stand on just like Roger Goodell has none on the players. he is just looking to flex his muscle in some way and the Saints fell victim of it. maybe he should suspend Dez Bryant for beating his mama or something.

  • DatMobile

    LOL …..What an idiot.