Aug 29, 2012; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys running back Phillip Tanner (34) scores a touchdown during the second quarter against the Miami Dolphins at Cowboys Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-US PRESSWIRE

Are The Dallas Cowboys Going A Different Direction?

The Dallas Cowboys have finally gotten their roster down to the required 53 players who made the 2012/2013 team as well as the 8 practice squad members which means the Cowboys are ready for the season opener on Wednesday, September 5th against the New York Giants.

After carefully following the roster moves of the Cowboys the last few days it’s not something we’ve seen of this generation of the Cowboys.  Usually we are use to them being deep on the wide receivers, quarterbacks and tight ends as Dallas has a history the last few years to keep more of those type of players and have had a tendency to go light on the depth of the secondary, offensive line and running backs.  For example, last year, Dallas lost all three of their running backs to injuries and they had to go out and pick up Sammy Morris to continue the running game.

The Cowboys have expanded their depth with their current roster and practice squad.  The team is deep on all positions with the exception of kicker and punter but if the worse were to happen those positions are pretty easy to go out and get players or as they say “a dime a dozen”.

The Cowboys have focused more on the running back and full back positions as well as blocking tight ends with the recent acquisition of tight end Colin Cochart from Cincinnati.  Watching game film on Cochart shows that he will give a “blocking boost” to the offensive line as part of the team.

With that said, it looks like Dallas is going a different direction as opposed to the last few years.  Could we be seeing an emergence of the old school “ground and pound” with heavy concentration on depth at full back and running back positions?

It does look like Dallas is going to the run support game more this year and this showed with the more balanced play calling of run plays versus pass plays.  A stronger run game is going to be good for both the Dallas Cowboys offense as it will sustain drives and manage the clock as well as take a lot of the pressure off Tony Romo having to hold onto the ball for longer periods of time.  Adding more of a run game will help eliminate those games like last years New York Jets and Detroit Lions games where if Dallas had more of a run game it may not have ended in losses as Romo wouldn’t have had to go “all guns blazing” even being in the lead.

A different direction is exactly what the 2012/2013 Dallas Cowboys need and it gets everyone excited for the season opener on Wednesday to see exactly where this Cowboys team is headed.

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  • californy

    I believe the boys to be going another dirrection that you didnt mention and this excite me more than anything. The Cowboys will be going more to a four man front to get the pressure on the QB. I have been lobbying for this for years already. They are also going for man and press coverage, a necessity in a RR defensive system. In RR system he pressure the ball at all time, and the sacks come by the way of coverage sacks..
    This Preseason the Cowboys rank 6th in total defense. I thank my friend Cowgirlcas for this information. The NFC east The Giants and the Eagles are rank 2 and 1 in defense also. Expect a lot of more QB pressure and a more physical play in the defenses in the NFC east.

  • californy

    The extra TE here in Dallas is going to be use to help out a very poor and inexperence offensive line here in Dallas. This team will go as far as this OL takes them. The new center in my oppinion will not be a factor in the blocking scheme as a center. Hhe may me more valuable as a tackle or guard for us. The reason I say this is because of his size 6-6. I believe he will be undercut as a center in Goal line and thus be push back in the Redzone. A similar thing happen to Leonard Davis because he was slow off the ball.
    Despite Cowboys offensive power in the last two games, The offensive line struggled. Tyron Smith got beat 6 times in the Ram games in the first half alone.