Dallas Cowboys 2012 Season Prediction

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Week 9 @ Atlanta: The most hyped team in the NFL this season. They get better and better every year. Could this be the year they win the NFC South? I think so. LOSS 3-5

Week 10 @ Philadelphia: The Cowboys are gassed out at this point of the season as they reach the 6th road game mark in 9 games. LOSS 3-6

Week 11 vs. Cleveland: Cleveland could be one of the worst teams offensively again this year. WIN 4-6

Week 12 vs. Washington: At home, I think the Cowboys defense can contain rookie quaterback Robert Griffin. WIN 5-6

Week 13 vs. Philadelphia: The Cowboys avenge a Week 10 loss in their 3rd straight home game. WIN 6-6

Week 14 @ Cincinnati: This is a tough young team. They have all the pieces to make a playoff run. But the Cowboys are a more veteran and experienced team which prove to be the deciding factor. WIN 7-6

Week 15 vs. Pittsburgh: After winning 4 straight games, the Cowboys may relax a bit. But this Steelers team will make you pay if you do that. LOSS 7-7

Week 16 vs. New Orleans: With a sense of urgency as the season comes to a close, the Cowboys pull this game out. WIN 8-7

Week 17 @ Washington: The Cowboys are 7-1 against the Redskins at this point. They have owned the Redskins. WIN 9-7

With my projected 9-7 record, the Cowboys may barely miss the playoffs this year. There are multiple variables including possible key injuries to the Cowboys or to the teams they are playing against. One player in particular is running back DeMarco Murray. If they can get 16 games out of him, I would bump up the Cowboys to 10 wins this year. Another variable is if the Cowboys can show they are a more disciplined team this year, instead of being one of the league leaders in penalties, then I would bump up the team to 11 wins. A 10-11 win season would definitely put them in the playoffs.


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