August 13, 2012; Oakland, CA, USA; Dallas Cowboys running back Felix Jones (28) is unable to hold onto the ball after dropping a pass attempt against the Oakland Raiders in the first quarter at O.Co Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Cary Edmondson-US PRESSWIRE

Cowboys Vs. Chargers: Five Dallas Players Who Sucked

The Dallas Cowboys took a quick train ride from Oxnard, California after their final day at training camp on Friday and traveled to sunny San Diego to prepare for their second preseason game. This time they’d match up against former Cowboy’s coach Norv Turner’s Chargers. After last week’s 3-0 win over the Oakland Raiders, Dallas was hoping to get more offensive punch in this game even without a number of their starters suiting up. And as with any game, there were those players who rose up the depth chart and those who might have just sank right off it. Here are my five players whose play sucked in the Cowboy’s second preseason game:

SuckedFelix Jones, running back – Maybe it’s the James Harden-esque beard. Maybe it’s that I can not get over him failing his conditioning test in the final year of his contract. Maybe it’s just me. But Felix Jones looks lazy. Not tired, lazy. I’m tired of dropped passes and little effort to break tackles. Maybe he’s mentally already done in Dallas. Maybe the injuries have taken their toll and sapped his quickness, hence his abilities. Whatever it is, something is definitely amiss about Felix Jones. And after the play of rookie Jamize Olawale on Saturday, maybe a trade is in order.

SuckedDoug Free, offensive tackle – Here we go again. What is the deal with Doug Free? He looked like a rookie out there and he’s supposed to be our main veteran lineman. Combine that with the fact he’s switched to a less intense role on the line at right tackle this season, and it really is a head scratcher. Hopefully, he and new offensive line coach Bill Callahan are still “working out the kinks” during his readjustment period. There is still one positive thing to gleam out of this: At least Tony Romo will see the pressure coming right at him instead of behind him.

SuckedRaymond Radway, wide receiver -  I understand this may be too critical of a guy who can not control whether he gets the ball or not, but Raymond Radway just disappeared. After a stellar training camp last year and nothing but raves this year, I expected more from Radway. The media seems to tout this guys as Superman, but all we’ve seen is a timid Clark Kent. Everyone agrees Ray has the physical tools, but he just got outplayed by an undrafted 5’8 rookie who quit the team a couple weeks ago. Radway did not record a single reception Saturday but did have one kick return for 26 yards. We needed to see a lot more from Radway, and for that…he sucked.

SuckedStephen McGee, quarterback -  It was yet another in a long line of unspectacular performances by the former Aggie quarterback. And most experts agree, the “McGee project” is almost over. If Dallas decides to keep three quarterbacks, it will most likely be Rudy Carpenter over McGee for the simply fact that Carpenter can be placed on the practice squad and McGee can not. I don’t like kicking a guy when he’s already down, but the Cowboys poured four years of time, training, and money into McGee. Let the kick-fest begin.

SuckedShaun Chapas, fullback – A practice squad veteran, Chapas made a pretty big splash last year. Not one big enough to win the starting job, but at least large enough to justify keeping him around. Chapas even made it to the active roster last December when fullback Tony Fiammetta got injured. On Saturday, he made a big splash in the opposite direction. Chapas couldn’t even block a snail last night. It was really kind of hard to watch a kid flush his career down the drain like that. I realize it’s just one game, but when you only play four in a season, it’s really hard to recover from a suckfest like that. Especially after your team signs arguably the best fullback in the NFL during the offseason.

Dishonorable MentionMorris Claiborne, cornerback – First round pick Claiborne needed a strong  showing last night to turn the tide of doubters starting to rise up against him. He did little towards swaying those opinions Saturday. Claiborne had two tackles but was virtually invisible for the most part. Not exactly what  you want to see in your first round pick. And compared to the play of Brandon Carr, Claiborne looked even worse. But the kid deserves a break with injuries slowing his progress in OTAs and training camp. Still, Cowboy fans want to see that number six pick live up to it’s potential. And they have never been know for their patience. Then again, we kept McGee around for four years, so who knows…

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  • scottmaui

    hmm. not hearing much from a CB in his first NFL game is a GOOD thing. He only got targeted once, and on that one made a sound tackle and kept the play in front of him, and otherwise he didn’t have an opportunity to make any big plays like Carr because Rivers didn’t throw at him. That is hardly a “suck” performance for his first outing, imo.

    Re Free, you say he sucked but provide not a single play as evidence of that assessment. Did you see how long Romo had standing around in the pocket on several plays last night, against the Charger’s first team D-line? Yes, they were only rushing four, but the line held up extremely well. Free surely has been disappointing in some plays, and I haven’t watched each play to see how he graded out, but if you’re going to say he sucked, give us some specific reason, because the eyeball test of the eternal pockets Romo had last night seem to contradict that.

    Finally, re Radway, he has been disappointing as a receiver, but at least he deserves some small props for an outstanding hustle play to keep the McGee interception for being returned for a TD, making a tackle at the one yard line after a great effort.

  • Jayce

    How exactly does a cornerback become invisible? Not hearing a CB’s name is good. You can’t expect a guy to pick off every pass when he’s targeted only twice, once on a bubble screen and one completion where he came back from off coverage on a short curl route. In both cases, he made sure tackles and surrendered 12 or 13 yards between the two plays. That’s good corner play to me.

  • scottmaui

    okay, I went back and watched Free on the first two series when he was in the game, and there was only one single play that I would consider a negative play, when he got beat on an inside move, had bad footwork and ended up falling on his arse, forcing Romo to roll out and throw a dump off pass to Jones (which he dropped). Otherwise, Free was solid in both pass pro and run blocking for all of those two series. There were at least three plays where Romo was standing in the pocket for well over the normal 3-4 seconds, and Free was still staying with his man and keeping the right side of the pocket totally clean. So Steven, you say “He looked like a rookie out there,” please explain what that is based on. I sure didn’t see it. By the way, Smith also got beat on one inside spin move (on the play that Romo threw up for grabs in the back of the end zone when 85 and 88 were in the same area), forcing Romo to move in the pocket and reset before throwing the pass, so as far as I can see Free’s night was no worse than Smith’s. I have no problem criticizing players when they deserve it, but if you’re going to say he sucks, back it up with something! I just didn’t see it this game.

  • Joe

    Your article sucked cause you’re Talking out your who-hah!

  • Rick Mage

    First round pick Claiborne needed a strong showing last night to turn the tide of doubters starting to rise up against him.” …….Uh, who says that the Cowboys even give a flying f.u.c.k about any doubters? F.u.c.k the doubters, they don’t mean s.h.i.t. As for Claiborne being “virtually invisible for the most part”, isn’t that a good thing?? Relax, dude. It was Claiborne’s first game. He WILL go through some growing pain. So, don’t be an idiot and be calling for his removal as soon as he has a bad game i the regular season.

  • Tony

    I know who really sucks the person who “wrote” this

  • Chris H

    Agree with you on Chapas, Felix and McGee. I have no idea where you are with Mo and Free. Free looks to be engaging and playing with confidence again. Mo was only targeted twice! Wouldn’t that indicate he had his man covered? Love what Carr did but if you look at the first int., he better be praising the biggens up front for causing the under throw from Rivers. Meachem had more than a step on B. Carr. Great closing speed and playmaking ability, though. Been a long while since we’ve had that around The Ranch.

  • Kelub

    Yeah… awful article. Felix, Ok he looked pretty weak. Can’t tell if it’s the injury or if he’s just thrown in the towel, but almost every time he’s in the offensive result is lackluster. Mo? C’mon. Every competent reviewer I’ve read so far has pointed to the fact that Claiborne was glued to his receiver, picked up the offensive changes, was vocal to teammates about movement, and was overall a stud. You think because Carr got 2 picks that Claiborne had a bad night? I have to agree with every other comment here… the fact that we didn’t hear from him was a GREAT thing. You’d think that Rivers would have picked on the rookie, but that WR was *never open*. So… yeah you suck.

    Free played well, other than the 1 play where he fell down. 1 play does not get you in the “suck” category. Overall the entire line looked much better than expected.

    So… Felix, ok. McGee, ok. The other two guys that are PS fodder… whatever, who cares. We’re finding ourselves with an WR depth right now with some young guys, so it’s rather immaterial.

    I get beat down by “fans” who are negative just for the sake of being negative. A buddy of mine hated the Claiborne pick and will look for any opportunity to criticize his play, and that’s what this sounds like. *Try* to be a little more objective, and *try* to use a little perspective.

  • ctcowboy1968

    Steven, you have officially been called out by my fellow fans. As many misses as hits in this article.
    Yes, someone needs to light a fire under Felix’s ass. His effort is certainly lacking. This will be his last year in Dallas. Doubt we could trade him for much. But I would not be so quick to trade him. We need 4 RBs on this team. Last year 3 was not enough and the Boys carried some awful RBs on their practice squad.
    McGee is awful. He needs to be cut. He probably would have been cut by now except that JJ has been unwilling to admit his mistake. McGee just doesn’t think and perform fast enough. He constantly locks in on his receiver. Put Rudy on the PS.
    I don’t think that Radway has had enough time to completely heal from his injury. Maybe it is mental. I still want him to make the team. He has potential.
    Chapas has not done squat in two years. His look out blocks on Saturday were disgusting. Use Olawale as a FB if we have to. Cut Chapas and go heavy at other positions like LB. We have a lot of talent at LB and they make good special team players.

  • Troy

    I’m not sure it’s fair to say Mo Claiborne sucked. Rivers pretty much avoided him the entire time he was on the field. That tells me his coverage of the receivers was pretty good. It makes me question your football acumen….

  • real talk

    Claiborne played good fool! But I think if get a Danario Alexander of waivers he’s better than Radway.