Cowboys-Raiders Recap and Impressions

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Someone should have told the Dallas Cowboys and the Oakland Raiders that just because they were playing on a baseball field, the 3-0 score didn’t need to reflect that.

The Dallas Cowboys and the Oakland Raiders were the two most penalized teams last season, and it showed in tonight’s Week 1 preseason encounter. There was no unit that stood out as spectacular. That’s preseason fare for you. Aside from the August heat and ticket prices, there’s a reason the stands are sparse. No one wants to see a clumsy offense or a defense that gets gashed by the run like the Zodiac Killer on a July night.

You do; that’s why you’re reading this article. I’ll talk about the first teams, but I’ll also give you an update on the third wide receiver race as well as my impressions throughout the game. So let’s take a look at the first team offense and defense:

1st Team Offense:

1. Romo and Dez finally have chemistry. This was evident on a comeback route where Dez quickly broke stride with the cornerback to find the ball coming right to him. Bryant leapt into the air and made a remarkable catch.

Tony Romo ran from the Raiders tonight, but he doesn't need to run from the rest of the league this season.

2. There didn’t seem to be any daylight down there with the first team offense. Not at all. Demarco Murray and Felix Jones hardly gained a yard between the two of them. It looked similar to the first three weeks of 2011.

3. Romo showed his illusiveness on the second series, but it’s sad that he needed to do so. What was sadder was when the Raiders nose tackle swam Arkin to get a big sack on our franchise quarterback. Our interior line is appalling. It’s like a talc portion in a brick wall.

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