Five Reasons The Cowboys Should Sign Plaxico Burress

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Nov 27, 2011; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Jets wide receiver Plaxico Burress reacts after making a catch in the fourth quarter against the Buffalo Bills at Met Life Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Mills/THE STAR-LEDGER via US PRESSWIRE

3. He has a winning history

No one can argue that Burress is a dynamic playmaker. His ability to catch the fade in the endzone is legendary. (see Super Bowl  XLII) But he’s also a tough receiver who can make plays in the middle of the field. Plaxico has the hardware and the pedigree. Now, Burress has a chip on his shoulder too. That could potentially be an awesome combination.

2. He blends well with our current receiver core

Think about having Dez Bryant and Plaxico Burress on the outside and the speedy Miles Austin in the slot. Has there ever been a better receiver set than that? Dez and Plax can jump out of the building. Miles will burn linebackers and safeties all day long. I haven’t even mentioned Hall of Fame to be tight end Jason Witten yet. How about the sure handed DeMarco Murray in the backfield? They’d be the new dream team of the NFC East.

1. He fills a need

Jones says he likes our current group of young receivers. But I bet he doesn’t “love” them. I don’t. Any receiver group that is led by Kevin Ogletree can not be that good. Don’t get  me wrong. I think Raymond Radway can play. And our rookies, although they all seem to lack size, seem to be playing well in training camp. But that’s training camp. We’re talking about practice here. (Insert Allen Iverson impersonation here) Practice. Not a game. Practice.

Burress is a man. Burress is a grown man. Burress has played in real NFL games. He’s excelled on the highest levels of the sport. No one on our current wide receiver group can say that. No one. That’s what Burress brings to this young group. Hopefully his age and current situation will add a bit of maturity to the veteran off the field. If so, I say sign’em up Jerry. If not, there’s always Roy Williams. (ouch)

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