September 13, 2009; Tampa, FL, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) stands with the offensive before they huddle during the second half against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Raymond James Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-US PRESSWIRE

Time For The Cowboys Offense to Play Some 9-Ball

For those of you who aren’t familiar the game 9 Ball, It can best be described as a very popular fast paced billiards game that was invented in the early 1920’s to add some much needed excitement to the game of pool.

Based on the theory, what I am proposing this week, is that Cowboys Head Coach/Offense Coordinator Jason Garrett Implement the Cowboys own version of the No-Huddle fast break offense cleverly nicknamed 9 Ball (Obviously named after QB Tony Romo who wears # 9).

As we all know, this offense has had some success in the NFL, especially the K-Gun offense run by the Buffalo Bills in the early 1990’s.  The main reason for requesting my change is that this type of high risk fast paced offense not only fits what Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo does best which is Improvise on fast paced broken down plays, but it will at the same time combat the very talented defense line of the current Superbowl champion and division rival NY Giants.  This type of offense will keep the Giants players and defensive staff confused, and it will not allow them to substitute and rotate lineman so we can attack their weak secondary.  The Cowboys do indeed have the personnel to make this change thanks to many veteran starting wide receivers that have been together for long periods of time and have chemistry with Romo, naturally I am speaking of Jason Witten, Miles Austin, and talented up and coming star Dez Bryant.  Another reason supporting the change is that the Cowboys also have run the same offensive scheme since Garrett has arrived back in 2007, so the skill players are all familiar with the playbook and the needed audible plays that can be run in the pressure situations.  Finally, the Cowboys also have two talented running backs in DeMarco Murray and Felix Jones who have a knack of being able to catch the ball very efficiently out of the backfield, which is required for check downs that will be needed as an outlet for Romo to keep the pace moving.

Let’s face it in today’s NFL you need every strategic advantage you can have, the Cowboys have all the pieces in place to make a Superbowl run this year, all this writer is proposing is that we make this run an exciting memorable Sprint that Cowboy fans will never forget.

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  • Todd Toombs

    Would love to see it Frank, but the ultra conservative “red headed Jesus” would never allow it. He might need to consider it if Romo is running for his life on every play anyway. Our O-Line is a joke right now.

  • ctcowboy1968

    This would be great. It would work as long as the players are in good enough shape to keep pushing play after play. Opposing DL can’t switch out or keep up. Historically, the Cowboys take way to much time in the huddle. That’s JG’s fualt. Tony is looking for the play from the sideline and it isn’t coming in. JG just can’t think fast enough.This destorys the offense’s pace and focus.

  • JontheBomb

    I disagree… The patriots run a version of that offense to keep teams from substituting and correct me if Im wrong, but it hasnt worked that well against the GMen. They need to perfect the offese that they have instead of trying to implement a new offensive scheme this close to the season. However Im all for having a package derived from the 2 minute offense used in certain situations… however most teams already have that.

  • californy

    I believe the boys will struggle with the offensive line. Despite having two good RB, and a decent FB the running game with struggle because the play of the Center and Guards. Even the tackle with struggle they are not the type of player where you can go straight at them. Yup sound like it going to a tought season for the OL. There something JG can do to counter this. He must go to a shorter passing game. The key is to get rid of the ball out of Tony hand as soon as possible. The slant, end around sweeps, the bubble sreens, the roll out, the I formation Pitches, the Pistol formation, playing more out of the shot gun are some of the way this team can protect Romo and keep the chain moving. The slot WR should be a bigger part of this team offensive game plan. rather than develope 1 slot WR, they should put as many differnt player in this formation until they can find a play that will give them positve yards 80 percent of the time. THe WR and RB should play out of this formation by having the guys in motion. A player like Beasly because of his size can get lost behind the line of scrimmage or on a sweep, he could alway counter on the sweep to throw off the defense. A young GB and NO OL use to run these short plays that allow the OL to develope and the same time help to protect their QB. The net result, it allow for the development of many differnt player as RB and WR who all had a role in their team offense. Dont expect a 1300 yard WR out of this team this year, but more like 4-6 Receivers with over 500-700 yards each in the offensive game plan.