A Look Ahead for the Cowboys in 2013

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I like Jay Ratliff as a player, I think he could give left tackles and quarterbacks fits if he was covered 1 on 1 at RDE, If he could be used like how the 49ers use Justin Smith, how the Steelers use Brett Keisel, and how the Ravens use Haloti Ngata, he would be more dangerous and effective through out the season.

I say move him to RDE, sign a big NT, and / or possibly trade for one, the Lions have a guy I really like in Sammie Lee Hill, 6′-4″ 330 lbs., who excels vs. the run, and can add pass rushing on the QB, and just 25, the Lions had resigned him to a 1 year $1.25 mil deal, being a restricted FA. With Ratliff playing RDE, and grooming rookie Tyrone Crawford behind him, Hatcher and Lissemore could rotate at DLE.

The other position I want solidified next offseason is Free Safety. Rookie Matt Johnson may turn into something special, which is fine, but he is not guaranteed a sure fire starting job. The Cowboys have 2 options in the offseason .. They can go into free agency and look at the Buffalo Bills Jarius Byrd and the Giants Kenny Phillips, both are ball hawks, and both will be unrestricted free agents. Or, the Cowboys can go into the draft and select Claiborne’s counterpart ( LSU ) Eric Reid, whom I prefer, or USC’s T.J. McDonald.

So there you have it, the Cowboys have a ways to go in filling this 53 man roster into a championship caliber team, I am not saying they can’t or won’t make it to the super bowl, but until they fill the needs at center, #3 wide receiver, #3 tight end, a nose tackle, Ratliff playing defensive end, a better outside linebacker opposite of Ware, and a ball hawking free safety, they are only missing a few key ingredients, which isn’t bad comparing to most teams.



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