Dallas will get "Defensive" in this Draft

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There are lots of decisions to be made, as the draft rapidly approaches us this coming week. I have my own ideas and opinions, just like the rest of the Cowboy fans out there. I know Jerry Jones wants to improve this defense in the worst way. He may even make some surprising moves that will leave us all scratching our heads.

I am going to finalize this by giving my own personal opinion of what I think the Cowboys should do if they are going to improve this defense and become more of a playoff calibar team.

Offer the Lions the 4th round pick ( 135th ) for NT Sammie Lee Hill, along with Josh Brent, these 2 could form a rewarding rotating tandem.

Even though the Cowboys gave Jay Ratliff that extension, Ratliff has value with those 5 pro bowls, and could become very attractive to 4-3 teams who own late 1st round picks, Chicago at #19, Tennessee at #20, Cincinatti at #21, and Denver at #25 could give the Cowboys a 2nd 1st round selection.

With 2 1st round picks, DE Fletcher Cox would be my selection at #14. I typically don’t like Mississippi State players, but I really admire Cox and his high speed motor, he never seems to stop on any plays until the whistle blows. Cox, along with a bigger, younger Hill at NT, and the combination of Hatcher and Lissemore, the Front 3 just improved tremendously.

With that 2nd first round selection, I would have to take SS Mark Barron. He would become an immediate starter to this team, and I feel like he would interchange between Strong and Free Safety with Sensabaugh, just like Rob Ryan likes in his safeties.

I would go into the 2nd round with 5 positions on my mind with that 45th overall pick. Cornerback, Outside Linebacker, Wide Receiver, Tight End, and Center.

There will be some key players to keep your eyes on when the 2nd round is shaping out : C Peter Konz, OLB Dont’a Hightower, OLB Vinny Curry, TE Dwayne Allen, WR Rueben Randall, CB Janoris Jenkins, CB Josh Robinson, and of course SS Harrison Smith ( since I am speculating on 2 first round picks here ).

I am excited and looking forward to this draft, and I have a feeling Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett is on pins and needles at this time. As they try to make some strategic moves, and decisions into bringing this Cowboys team closer to a winning season. But with that in mind, It is time to get ” Defensive “.


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