2012 Dallas Cowboys Full 7 Round Mock Draft

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3rd round 83rd overall

Oct 15, 2011, Seattle, WA, USA; Washington Huskies defensive tackle Alameda Ta

Alameda Ta’amu, DT Washington

6-3 348 Grade: 53.2

I highly doubt JJ will ever do it, but my thought is a true NT like Ta’amu would kill 2 birds with 1 stone. We could have a big body in the middle and get the much needed pressure on the edge by moving Ratliff to DE.

I have no idea why he was graded so low, I guess because it’s not considered a skill position. Ta’amu was a big-boned, powerful inside force for Washington who projects to play the nose tackle position in a 3-4 defense at the next level. He has the ability to hold up lineman and clog lanes to keep linebackers clean, which helps his value. He has been so effective here that there have been some arguably “less-talented” players at Washington who have been extremely productive because of his presence inside on the line.

Pass rush: Surprising initial quickness off the snap. Wide-bodied frame makes it difficult for him to split gaps, but shows a burst when he has a lane. Developing swim move. Relies mostly on a simple bull rush at this point, which is quite effective in collapsing the pocket. Only phone booth quickness. Gives good effort in chasing down the quarterback, but tires quickly.

Run defense: Strong, stout interior presence who often requires double-team blocks to keep him from clogging running lanes. Short, thick legs and thick trunk which aid him in anchoring. Inconsistent in his effort pursuing laterally and downfield, but surprises opponents with his quickness for such a large man. Short arms could lead to problems against NFL-caliber offensive linemen with longer arms able to get into his chest …

Explosion: Flashes an explosive initial burst off the snap to split gaps, especially when guards vacate the hole to pull. Has the upper body strength to rock his opponent back onto his heels. Quicker and more athletic than his body would lead you to believe, flashing startling explosiveness as a tackler when he gains momentum.

Tackling: Makes most of his tackles by simply bludgeoning the ball-carrier. Lacks the quick-twitch muscles and lateral agility to break down in space, but has such great strength that he often is able to grab the ball-carrier with one arm, slow his momentum and grab on with his other arm to pull the ball-carrier to the ground. Inconsistent effort in pursuit, but generates impressive momentum when he’s moving at full-speed and can rock the ball-carrier with an explosive hit. (Rob Rang)

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