The TOP 10 Dallas Cowboy Candidates for the Ring of Honor

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When Dallas Cowboys Owner and GM Jerry Jones inducted Drew Pearson, Larry Allen, and Charley Haley in to the Dallas Cowboys Ring of Honor, it brought the total to 20 men (18 players plus Tom Landry and Tex Schramm) in the Ring.

Great Player, but don't think he should be in the Ring.(Credit: Manny Rubio-US PRESSWIRE)

I would argue that Jerry, prior to inducting Haley, had done a reasonable job of preserving the sanctity of the Ring. He hasn’t exactly been frugal with inductions: there were only 6 players in the Ring when he bought the club in 1989. But he hasn’t, at least until recently, done anything that would warrant accusations that he had cheapened the Ring.

One of the first polls I ever wrote for The Landry Hat was about whether or not Charles Haley deserved to be in the Ring of Honor. Over 60% of the people (less than 100) said he didn’t deserve to be in the Ring.

Although I had several reasons, one of the main reasons that Haley should not have been inducted into the Ring of Honor was that I felt that it was an insult to Harvey Martin. To read that argument, click here

The Harvey Martin vs. Charles Haley debate got me thinking about what other Dallas Cowboys players should be in the Ring of Honor.

Who should be the next player(s) to be inducted into the Ring of Honor?

My intent was to create a poll based on all the players that were “worthy of consideration”, and then let you the Landry Hat readers decide who you wanted Jerry Jones to induct next. The more I thought about who deserved to be considered, the longer and longer my list got. Then I had to confront the fact that I didn’t really have enough knowledge of any of the players from the 70s or before to be making decisions on their ‘eligibility’ for consideration.

In an attempt to overcome these obstacles, I sought the assistance of two other long-time Cowboy fans and Landry Hat readers.

I started by asking one of our readers,Shady, for help because I knew that he has been a Cowboys fan since the sixties and therefore he could give me some insight on the players from that era. His insights into the game of football during that era have enhanced my appreciation of the game in general and the history of the Dallas Cowboys specifically.  I am very appreciative that he took the time to assist me in this project

I also asked B-rad for help because based on some of the comments he left on the website, I have been trying to convince him to write for us.  Even though his work-schedule doesn’t allow him the freedom to write for us, he has proven himself to be one of the smartest Cowboy fans I know, so I trust his judgement.


Step 1: We started by just making lists of any and every Cowboy we felt ‘deserved consideration’ for the Ring of Honor. We discussed the various reasons why each of us thought that each player deserved, or didn’t deserve, to be in the Ring.

We only considered retired players, so players like Jason Witten and DeMarcus Ware were excluded from the discussion.

Step 2: We each privately created a list of 10 players we felt should be considered for induction into the Ring of Honor.

Nov 6, 2011; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys ring of honorees Larry Allen, Charles Haley and Drew Pearson (left to right) during the during the halftime ceremony from the game against the Seattle Seahawks at Cowboys Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-US PRESSWIRE

Step 3: I tabulated the results (3 lists of 10 players) with the hopes of giving you the voters about 8 or so Cowboys to choose from. As it turned out, there was much more of a consensus than I anticipated: 7 players made all three lists, 3 players made two of the lists, and 3 players made only one of the lists.

Since it gave us a round number of ten, I decided to include all the players that made at least two of the three lists.

Before we get to the ten nominees, we should give an Honorable Mention to the 3 players that made the top ten list of at least one of the contributors.

Click on the link to read about the three Dallas Cowboys who didn’t quite make the 10 Top list.

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