Nike Is Making Changes To The Classic Dallas Cowboys Uniform

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For ten years, Reebok was the official designer and supplier for all NFL uniforms, including that of our beloved Dallas Cowboys. But starting this year, Nike is taking over. And if the changes are anything like those Nike did for college football, Dallas fans better hold on to their collective cowboy hats. Here’s what Nike President, Charlie Denson, had to say about the upcoming NFL uniform changes during an interview on CNBC back in 2010:

We plan on changing the NFL jersey dramatically, just like we’ve done with the college programs, using new thinking and the greatest technology available. The NFL program hasn’t had the same type of advancement in recent years.

So what will our Boy’s look like in 2012? Checkout the new style Cowboy gloves and cleats unveiled during the NFL Pro Bowl, see some concept art of what the new uniforms could possibly look like based on their college football changes and view a Nike commercial about said changes voiced by Dallas’ very own Michael Irvin, further below.

Now, before you go and get your britches all bunched up, a NFL spokesman downplayed the changes last week by saying  the NFL and it’s respective teams still had “final say” when it came to their logos and distinctive markings. In other words, if Jerry Jones don’t like it, it ain’t gonna happen.

Regardless, Nike is calling the new uniforms an “Epic Transformation” per their commercial campaign. We’ll know more about the extent of this “transformation” in April. That’s when the new Nike NFL jerseys are being officially unveiled. (Most likely at the NFL Draft) Until then, checkout the changes they’ve already made to the gloves and cleats below:

To see the what the Cowboys’ away uniforms could look like and to see the Michael Irvin voiced Nike Commercial, continue to the next page…

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