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Love Him or Hate Him, Tony Romo Is the Dallas Cowboys Quarterback

Looking at the picture on the right, Tony Romo is fired up and ready to play football.  Where was that attitude in most of the games this season, especially the last, oh, six or seven?  I may lose a few of you lovers-of-all-things Tony Romo, but hear me out.

On every sports team, there are players fans love and players fans hate.  It’s been that way since the dawn of time.  Since taking on this role as staff writer, I’ve started listening to people around town; on the train to work, in the grocery store, or on message boards, I’m listening / reading what people have to say.  What I’m hearing is this:  Romo has become one of those players fans love to hate.

Romo seems like a good guy off the field.  The 31-year old married in 2010 and recently announced they are having their first baby.  On the field, however, he needs a killer instinct and many fans are starting to question whether he has it or not.  Here are a few topics of concern discussed daily at water coolers all over the nation:

1)  Quarterback rating:  Defenders of Romo like to bring up his quarterback rating.  My question is, if he is one of the greatest, why is he sitting at home while Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Alex Smith, and Tim Tebow! suit up for the playoffs?  Statistics don’t mean squat when you can’t lead your team to the post-season.   Would you rather be in the playoffs or boast your team employs the #3 all-time passer?  I know my answer.

2)  Quarterback salaries:  In 2007, Romo signed a new contract worth $67 million dollars.  That’s a lot of cash for a basically unknown, undrafted quarterback.  Granted he did lead the team to a playoff game against the New York Giants his first full year as the starter, but he threw an interception in the endzone to end that short little run.  His 2011 salary = $9 million dollars.   Tim Tebow’s 2011 salary = $1.6 million dollars.  Why don’t we wait and see if someone is worth the big bucks instead of just throwing cash at them before they have proven themselves?  It is too late to correct this now, but hopefully a lesson learned.

3)  Quarterback performance:  We have already learned that Romo has one of the best quarterback ratings ever.  We get that……he’s a good passer.  Heck, I’m a good passer, but could I lead the Dallas Cowboys to a Super Bowl?  NO!  And many are beginning to question if Romo can either.  In 2011 alone, he failed to lead his team to victory in several games against mediocre competition: the New York Jets, Detroit Lions (which I witnessed in person), Arizona Cardinals, and the New York Giants (the first time.)  Shall I bring up the 2006 botched field goal attempt in the NFC wildcard game or how about the 2009 second round game where he had three fumbles and an interception?  I forever deem him Mr. Inconsistent for now until eternity…..or until he wins the Super Bowl.

Before you run me out of Texas, let me say that I realize football is a team sport.  I get that the defense hasn’t exactly been a team player in many games.  I understand that Romo was injured a couple of times during the season, but played through the pain.  What I want you to see is that several “average” teams with “below-average” quarterbacks are in the playoffs.

Tony Romo is not a loser, he’s a good guy, with a good heart, but that isn’t always enough when it comes to being a leader of a NFL franchise football team.  Is he the man for the Dallas Cowboys?  The Texas natives are getting restless from what I’m hearing on the DART rail.

You will either love me or hate me after reading this tale.

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