IPCQ: Watching these games, my imagination runs wild..

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C onclusion:

What if we DID manage to beat Atlanta? Don’t even think about Green Bay. Just think about the Hell that the off-season would have been. Jerry would have tried to keep this same team in tact. He would have tried to keep the entire coaching staff in tact. Nothing would have changed. We would be in store for another half-ass football season full of ups and downs. Mostly downs. And the greatness of the Dallas Cowboys would be even further diminished. It has to stop, right? Do we need another playoff drought to see some real changes being made? Will this disappointing season coupled with aging star players be enough to elicit real changes in the roster? We don’t know. Not yet, anyway. Jerry is still in charge, and we are at his mercy. It’s really not fair, is it? We buy the hell out of his product, and we make it out to be a big part of our lives. Our LIVES! For a lot of people, the Dallas Cowboys aren’t just some football team. It’s an important part of our escape. Escape from work. Escape from the stress of bills and taxes. Escape from sons and daughters and dogs and wives and cousins with guns, and step brothers with samurai swords and aliens named Tuychai who are evil and practice telepathy on you while you sleep. The Cowboys help us escape real life! THAT is why they aren’t just some football team that we root for. They are something that we research, we write about, we study, we get excited about, and no matter how much time we put into them, we are limited as to what we get back. Jerry proved long ago that winning wasn’t nearly as important as feeding an ego the size of Arkansas.

If we’re lucky, the 2011 season will be the final straw that Jerry needed to admit that he needs to change something fundamental. Something that hasn’t changed at ALL during all of these horrible seasons. The general manager position. But why would 2011 be a “final straw” situation? Haven’t the Cowboys strung together enough horrible seasons for any sensible person to see that a change is needed? We’ve changed quarterbacks, head coaches, position coaches, starting offensive players, starting defensive players, and even STADIUMS! What is the one thing that we haven’t changed? No, not cheer leaders.. We need to keep those the same.. The general manager position. Jerry isn’t an idiot. He KNOWS that he should hire a general manager. Don’t believe otherwise. Don’t trick yourself into thinking that someone needs to INFORM Jerry Jones that he is the problem. He already knows. He is simply too stubborn and prideful to say “Okay, I’m done playing Mr. Football. We can start trying to win now.” The MINUTE Jerry steps down as general manager and we start winning, he will want right back into the driver’s seat. He has the mentality of a small child. “Mine!” “MY TURN!” These are a few things that I could see him yelling at Jimmy Johnson, or at Bill Parcells.

Or maybe Jerry is the only thing holding us together. Maybe without Jerry’s brilliant general manager moves, we would be a 2 or 3 win team every year. It isn’t likely, but we can’t dismiss the thought. This IS our off-season, after all. And our imaginations run wild.

Q uickly Now…

-Alabama finally wins a championship that they deserve! Congratulations, Bama! Still, I just wish they would admit that Texas was about to destroy them until Colt got hurt. But the past is the past. Watch for the recruiting violations to start rolling in soon.

-There is something called MusicFest at Steamboat,Colorado. It is a mix of folk, rock, country, and alt rock that is comprised of mostly humble and down-to-earth musicians in a ski resort setting where snow and mountains combine to form a perfect back drop for musical magic that I’d imagine would stay with you for a long time. I’ve heard that once you go, you almost HAVE to go back every year. It’s on my bucket list.

-Our new dog just learned how to fetch. He now has something to offer.

-I’ve seen a lot of Cowboy fans that dare not speak ill of the Cowboys.. They seem afraid to say anything negative. This isn’t Russia, guys. Speak up. It takes a lot of love to tell the truth to someone or something that you love.

-Katy Perry just recently got divorced. Jesus forgives her. But he still probably doesn’t appreciate her slutty message to little girls. Jesus has morals.

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