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Evaluating Jerry Jones' 2011 Cowboys: Who Should We Blame?

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It is easy and simple to blame him for everything.

Let me be clear, I think that the Cowboys would be better if JJ hired a GM. It annoys me when I see him giving speeches in the locker-room after a game, or worse yet, when he is on the sideline during a game hounding Garrett. That being said, it is hard not to notice that JJ gets all the blame for the mistakes, but none of the credit for the success. Everyone acts like Jimmy Johnson was the GM for the 3 Super Bowls and Jerry had nothing to do with it. It is the same with transactions: everyone condemns him for Roy Williams, but I rarely hear anyone giving him praise for Laurent Robinson. It’s the same with the Draft: he takes all the blame for the poor draft choices, but I almost never hear anyone congratulate him for picking Sean Lee in the 2nd round, or DeMarco Murray in the 3rd, or finding undrafted gems like Miles Austin and Tony Romo. Why is it that Parcells gets all the credit for the excellent draft class of 2005, but Jerry gets all the blame for the admittedly terrible draft of 2006, which also occurred when Parcells was the HC?

 “It was Tony Romo.”

Much to my surprise, many writers and commenters want to blame Tony Romo. I find this baffling. I can think of no other reason to explain this phenomena than people just don’t like Romo. The criticism of Romo seems full of malice and animosity. This claim is so patently untenable, I don’t think it even requires a refutation.

 “It was the lack of mental toughness.”

Others want to blame the culture at Valley Ranch, claiming that the team as a whole lacks ‘mental toughness’. I have some news for these people: mental toughness may help you win a close game against a nearly equal opponent, but mental toughness is of little to no help when the other team is just better than yours.

Click on the link to read about the attempt to blame the coaches.

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