IPCQ: Week 17, Dallas Cowboys VS New York Giants. Jerry owns Cowboys, Eli owns Jerry

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I ntroduction:  With firm nips and quivering lips, we awaited the unofficial playoff game between our beloved Cowboys and the always gritty Giants. I’ll admit, I felt that the Giants had the advantage here. Not only did they have the home field, but they always seem to finish seasons strong. Something inside me believed that Dallas was going to win this game. It was a gut feeling that made me feel good when I thought about the game. That feeling was called “being a homer”. Yes, I was being a homer. Still, if I had to bet, I would have bet on the Giants. Ever since their Super Bowl winning season, they have been the most stereotypically talented football team in the NFL. They can chew up clock on the ground, they have great pass rushers, they always seem to come up with a big stop, their receivers make big plays that seem to deflate the defense. Why do the Cowboys and Eagles always get the hype? It’s the Giants, man! The Giants have been the NFC threat all of this time!

Ironic how a team called the “Giants” can seem so small in the eyes of NFL fans.The Giants and the Cowboys are opposites. While the Giants always find a way to win, the Cowboys always find a way to lose. It has been proven time and time again this season. The Cowboys can hang with any team in the NFL. They have the ability to execute in any phase of the game. They can run, pass, defend, play special teams, finish drives, get sacks, etc.. But can they do it in all four quarters? I’m afraid not. They are like a crusty old car that keeps breaking down in different areas. Just when you replace the tire that blew out, the transmission goes out. When you fix that, the engine breaks down. And that is all of the car parts that I know, so I will stop there.

It’s so true, though. The Cowboys, despite their high IQ coach, their elusive “makes all of the throws” quarter back, their pro bowl defenders, and their world famous 9 million dollar faced owner, can not seem to live up to the team that is on the paper. I’m almost ready to go back to the Quincy Carter/Campo days where we KNEW we sucked, but we were hopeful because of the re-building process. Am I crazy for that? Perhaps. Or perhaps I’m crazy because I often wear an oxygen mask that pumps White Out fumes into my sinus cavities. Either way, I feel that the Tony Romo Cowboys are making my eye twitch, and my jaw grind my teeth into powder. But enough about my teeth. Let’s talk about the game that ended our post season before it ever began.

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