NFL Week 17 Picks & Predictions: Cowboys vs. Giants - NFC East Title

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Every week we ask all of The Landry Hat writers and contributors to submit their picks and predictions for the upcoming game. This week, we asked our experts for their thoughts and predictions for the Dallas Cowboys vs. the New York Giants NFC East Title game this Sunday night. And here they are:

Steven Mullenax, Editor & Head Writer: After 16 weeks of watching and critiquing Dallas Cowboys’ Football, I can honestly say that I have see almost nothing from this year’s team that makes be believe they can win in New York  on Sunday night.  The team has the talent to win, we all agree on that. But this year’s Cowboys lack mental toughness. Starting in Week One against  the New York Jets, Dallas has tried “not to lose” games instead of simply trying to win them. And Jason Garrett is too naive as a first time head coach to know how to handle the situation. The Cowboys refuse to show up in the fourth quarter in big games. We saw it against the Jets, the Lions, the Patriots, the Eagles and three weeks ago against these same Giants on our own home field. No mental  toughness. And that means no playoffs for our beloved team. Giants 30, Dallas 20.

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Robert Diton, Staff Writer: This is it, Cowboys fans. This is for all the marbles. Winner hosts a playoff game, loser goes home. There isn’t much to say about this game that hasn’t already been said by the players, the coaches, the owners, and all the talking heads on every single sports station. Which quarterback will come through in the clutch? Which secondary will hold up in the 4th quarter? Rob Ryan had a do-over against the Eagles and did give up less points. Let’s hope he can do the same thing against the G-Men with the division crown on the line. Cowboys 30, Giants 27

Seth Jones, Staff Writer: After flipping a coin, I’ve determined that the Giants will win. After several more coin flips, I’ve determined that the score will be: Giants 21, Cowboys 14. Them coins is crazy, dawg. Also, Tony Romo will throw more interceptions than touchdowns. Also, Jerry will sell the team after this game. So, in reality, the Cowboys will win.

Mark Contreras, Video Contributor & Staff Writer: I have NEVER been more conflicted with a pick in my life. I mean that. The optimist in me says, “Look at all those Giants injuries (add Nicks, apparently) and believe in Tony/Garrett.” The pessimist in me sees the secondary for what it is and notes that “Elite Eli” is at home. It also notes that the Cowboys haven’t beaten anyone of note this year besides San Francisco (I’m not impressed) AND that this team has a tendency to throw away games late. The truth is, if this game were in any other week and the division title was not on the line, I would pick the Giants if ONLY because they are at home. But because this is for all the marbles…….. well, I refuse to believe that Tony has not waited for this his whole career. It’s one game for all the marbles in the NFC East. I think Tony comes full circle after having a horrible 4th quarter at MetLife Stadium in Week 1 to deliver the game-winning drive in Week 17 at the same location. Cowboys 25 Giants 22.

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