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Round 2: DING!

Our 1st Cowboys Football action to start off 2012 (the last year we will have football if you believe the Mayans) will be for all the cool marbles that signify the winner of the NFC East. So many questions will either be created, answered, or dismissed based on this one game.

Much can be said about this season, but your Cowboys have fought the good fight. They didn’t always win, and there were different culprits in every game as to why, but now is not the time for pointing fingers.  Your Cowboys are 1 win-or-go-home game away from ascending to NFC East Greatness from the depths of being last by virtue of the great words of Ricky Bobby, “If you’re not first, you’re last.”

9 -7 isn’t a great record. But it’s better than Seattle’s 7-9 record last year and don’t forget who they beat at home (see Marshawn Lynch’s beastmode emergence).  It’s better than the Cowboy’s 6-10 record last year (see Wade Phillip’s head in a guillotine), and it’s good enough to make the playoffs.

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Don't look behind you... David Arkin sneaking up

Why Cowboys Nation can’t see the forest through the trees boggles my mind.  How many fans realistically expected a season that ended in Lombardi Trophy glory?  My personal crystal ball trip at the beginning of the season foresaw a Cowboys team 8-8, and needing some serious help in the secondary and offensive line in order to compete in the future. Instead, we could be possibly looking at 9-7 with our only glaring need in the secondary.

Granted, “only” is a very relative word in terms of fixing our secondary, but I believe there is only 1 starting piece that needs to be replaced (Newman) and that our depth could use some improvement, but that will fix itself when Alan Ball is released and a couple of draft picks are spent in the secondary.

But look at the bright side of the word “only“, our offensive line is heads and shoulders above what it was last year, and our offensive tackles, the main weakness two years ago, have been shored up with long term contracts for both.  Our depth in the middle is outstanding considering the number of guards that we have lost to IR, and next year I think Arkin will have some muscle to challenge Nagy and Costa, and Kowalski is going to be pushing for a starting spot as well.

This team could be in a far worse position than it was, but instead it leaves hope for next year.  Garrett will get a full off season with all of his players, and so will Rob Ryan (sorry, no DC will get a HC job if he has as many defensive collapses as he’s had this year).  The full extent of Garrett’s, Ryan’s, and Woicik’s philosophies and programs will emerge next year.  But I’m not worried about next year. We still have Jan 1st to worry about; now onto our final regular season Words For Success…

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