IPCQ: Week 16, Dallas Cowboys VS Philadelphia Eagles. We need super powers

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C onclusion:

The Dallas Cowboys aren’t just a bunch of guys and dudes and what-not. They are a special group of highly trained athletes who boast unique abilities that you can’t find at any old university or athletic training facility. Can the Cowboys use their powers in conjunction for the greater good? There is an evil Giant stomping toward the city. Intent on toppling buildings and stepping on innocents. Who will stop them? Maybe Jason Witten can fool them. Maybe Jay Ratliff can devour them. Maybe Tony Romo can uppercut them with his inflated Mexican uppercut. Or perhaps, after all this time, we can see the Dallas Cowboys at full strength. Unleashing lasers, super strength, jelly legs, steel armor, lightning quickness, mind blowing deception, four quarters of dominance, and hopefully a hand that isn’t 27 pounds.

We’re playing our way into the playoffs, guys. In the playoffs, anything goes. Will we lose and start talking about re-signs, trades, and draft picks? Or will we win, and continue this mission? This is a mission towards the ultimate goal. The only place that can make a Dallas Cowboy fan content. The only place that the star belongs. The Super Bowl. I don’t know about you, but I am not looking forward to an early start with Jerry’s off-season plans. Let’s beat the Giants.

Q uickly Now..

-Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull.. Good or not? I liked it, but the alien thing just threw me off. I don’t want aliens in Indiana Jones.

-The Old 97’s are a good band. If you hear 4 songs from them that you don’t like, then you shouldn’t give up yet. You’ll miss several great songs that you should hear before you die.

-The Lions are in the playoffs. What the hell?

-The Mavericks lost their opening game, but don’t panic. It was an odd opening game. We’ll bounce back.

-What was your favorite Christmas gift? My brother made me some moonshine. That was pretty cool.

-Supposedly, 2012 is the last year that our planet will see. Is anyone doing something cool or crazy before this place explodes? I may learn to salsa or something.

Should the Cowboys hire a new Offensive Coordinator next season?

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