IPCQ: Week 16, Dallas Cowboys VS Philadelphia Eagles. We need super powers

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Mike Jenkins: Every now and then, when you filter through the Super Mans and the Magnetos, you will find heroes or villains with odd powers. Remember Toad? A guy with a long tongue and the ability to hop and stick to the ceiling? Well let’s welcome to the cast of odd superpowers, Mister Mike Jenkins. The Broken. With the ability to shatter his own bones on command, Jenkins can toy with the emotions of the fans, the coaching staff, and the opponents. He can shatter his collar bone on the first play of the game, and just when the other team game plans to exploit his departure, he returns completely healthy and ready to rock. He can tear every muscle fiber in his leg, only to fully heal within 1 quarter of play, and return with full force. He is deceptive, much like Jason Witten. But in a more super natural way. Someday, he will actually get hurt, and be unable to heal his wound. Will we know when it happens? Hell no. The Broken will never reveal which injury is real, and which is a farce.

Sean Lee: No, he can’t triple the size of his fists, although you’d call me a liar if you’ve seen the cast on his hand. No, he can’t alter his mental and physical state. And no, he can’t shatter his ankles and mend them within the next 10 minutes. Some heroes have the power to be great. Think of Sean Lee as the Captain America of America’s team. Captain Lee won’t wow you with lasers or extended flight. But he is fast, strong, smart, healthy, quick, and determined. He can call out the coverages, start a blitz, back out into coverage, intercept a pass, and run it back for a touchdown on any given play. He’s no Super Man. If you cut him, he will bleed. If you hit him, he will bruise. If you break his hand, he will wear a giant q-tip as a glove for 8 weeks. But it is his ability to elevate himself that sets him apart from all others. He is the only man who could stand toe to toe with the aspects of Jay Ratliff for four quarters. Luckily, they are on the same team, so we’ll never have to worry about the “Unstoppable Force versus the Immovable Object” scenario. Sean Lee is young, but promising. Who knows what his super powers will evolve into? Perhaps someday he WILL learn to fly, though it’s not likely. As for myself, I wouldn’t mind is he continued being an all-around great player. The Captain America of America’s team. His determination, speed, strength, cerebral strength, and keen perception will take us a long way.

Dez Bryant can turn into a man of iron and rock in short bursts. Stiff arming and thrashing his way through lesser defenders.

Miles Austin can start and stop on a dime. Master of the come-back route, he can augment his legs into a state of hardened jelly than can bend but not break as he makes cuts and runs the cleanest routes of the field. His legs can then take on a form of weightlessness as he breezes past the would-be defenders.

DeMarcus Ware is made of pure adamantium steel. He slows down for no man, and at some point, you will feel him clash against you. He will consistently exert his iron will against you. You can not stop him. You can only hope to contain him.

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