Will the Dallas Cowboys Go After Todd Haley or Tony Sparano?

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Mike Pisasale: Neither .. I doubt Garrett will hire an OC, but if he were to .. it would be Norv Turner if he is fired in SD.

C. Joseph Wright: The writers at DC.com answered the same question recently. They both said that Garrett was not willing to relinquish the play-calling duties. They didn’t really provide any evidence, so it seemed like speculation.

It is really impossible to know whether Garrett has any intentions of hiring an OC, or whether Jerry Jones would try to insist that he accept one. If they do decide to hire one, it would not surprise me if it was Sparano. They know each other. Sparano knows Garrett’s system, and they seem to share similar philosophies on running a football team. I don’t know enough about Haley to say whether he would be a good fit in Garrett’s system.

I do know one thing: just because someone fails as a HC, does not mean that he can’t be an excellent OC or DC, so I don’t think that either Sparano or Haley are has-beens.  If you are inclined to think that either of them are finished, just look at what Wade Phillips has accomplished with the Houston Texans this year.

When Garrett first took over, I was glad that he kept the position of OC; I thought he was an excellent play-caller. After this season, I am less inclined to think he should continue to try and fill both roles. At times it has seemed like he has had too much on his plate. I would like to see them bring in an OC because I think that two people are usually better than one. If they did bring in an OC, you can bet that Garrett will still be very involved in the offensive game plans and play-calling.I assume he would have a ‘veto’ power whenever he wanted.

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