Will the Dallas Cowboys Go After Todd Haley or Tony Sparano?

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Cowboy Queen, Fort Worth: Now that Todd Haley and Tony Sparano are unemployed, do you think Garrett will hire one of them to be his OC?

Seth Jones: I would like to say yes, but Jerry has been known to do the opposite of what sounds like a good idea. If he does choose one, I’d like Todd Haley. I always liked his offense in Kansas City, I just don’t think he had the guys to run it. Matt Cassell is not Tony Romo, and their receivers weren’t as talented as ours.

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Will he land back in Dallas?

Todd Toombs: Short answer, no.  While that might be considered a wise move by many outside the team, Garrett loves calling the plays and has no intention of letting go of that control.  Of course, all bets are off if Jerry Jones decides to hire one of them and make them OC/Assistant Head Coach like he did with Garrett and Wade Phillips.  Despite the dreaded “vote of confidence” Garrett received last week from the owner, Jerry is clearly frustrated with this Jekyll and Hyde team’s performance.  It’s his team and if he wants to give Garrett help, he will have little choice but to accept it.  But, it would be unlikely that anything would change this season and no one considers either Haley or Sparano offensive geniuses that Jones would want to lock up before another team snags them.

Johnathan Barger: Jason Garrett is a offensive genius, and he is doing very well as a HC/OC.  I haven’t seen a prettier play this year than the fake rollout right that ended up being a screen pass to John Phillips. But, the more collective genius our offense has, the better it’s weapons will be.  I think Sparano will be a better fit because of his fiery personality (he would get along well with Rob Ryan) and having him on our staff will allow Jason Garrett to manage the game better than staring at his extremely large, laminated play sheet.  Two heads are better than one, and they also bring head coaching experience into the mix (although not successful) and Garrett can use that to draw on the ideas he likes, and discard the ones he doesn’t.

Mark Contreras: Haley??? Hah. No way. Sparano? Maybe, but doubtful. All things considered, Garrett has done a great job. This offensive line is a patch-work unit. (I say “patch-work” cause I’m a fan). The Cowboys have been competitive in all but 1 game and a lot of that has to do with Garrett’s play calling. I’m serious. Norv Turner has been another name hot on Cowboys fans’ lips, but I think that is highly unlikely. I mean, what is this, the 90s? You can’t bring back washed up, re-tread coaches in an attempt to conjure up an old dynasty. I mean, while were at it, why don’t we just hire Campo to run our… Oh……

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