Will the Dallas Cowboys Make the Playoffs?

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Mark Contreras: Oh, you had to use the word ‘can,’ didn’t you? Lol. Can they? Sure. I have hope. But honestly Jerry, I don’t expect them to make the playoffs at this point. After last year, I decided that I had a new motto about my Cowboys football watching experience: that motto is ‘Believe What Your Eyes Tell You.’ I’ve been listening to my heart for the past 23 years and it continues to lie to me. What my eyes tell me is that lately they’ve played horrible football on the offensive line and especially in the secondary… and its only getting worse (read: STOP blaming the damn coaches). I think the Cowboys have a great chance to beat a struggling Buccaneers team. But guess what just became the “Dream Team’s” Super Bowl? Especially if both Dallas and NYG win next weekend (knocking Philadelphia out of the playoffs). Following that, the Cowboys have to trot out this pathetic secondary against Elite Eli in his house. The wild card is out of reach, by the way. Can they? Sure.. if they win out. WILL they? Don’t bet the farm, bud.

Ashley Bolton: Really tough for me to see them making it I mean they are really banged up. Mike Jenkins is hurt, and losing DeMarco Murray for the season is a killer. Felix Jones has an inability to close out games and this will and has hurt the Cowboys. Also the defense has just disappeared, last night 2 huge penalties by the defense late in the game cost the Cowboys. The injuries, defense and schedule will all come back to hurt the Boys. We have the Bucs, Eagles and at the Giants to end the season and I think we may only win 1 of those games. Sorry but I think the Cowboys ship has sunk this season, unless the defense returns to the form it was in the middle of the season.

C. Joseph Wright: I am probably the wrong person to answer this question; I am able to delude myself into thinking and believing they will win every game. It is impossible for me to be objective about the Cowboys before an upcoming game. I am capable of objectively evaluating them after a game (although Mark will tell you that I am not nearly as objective as I would like to think, and he is probably correct), but before a game, I always think they can and will win.

So, not surprisingly, I think they will make the playoffs. Just about everyone agrees that they should be able to beat the Bucs. Then they have the Eagles again: I would hope that they will be fired up for this game, if for no other reason than their desire to get some revenge for the whipping they took last time. Philly has lost to worse teams. And then they end the season in NY; they beat the G-men in NY last year.

To make the playoffs, they probably have to win the division. Both the Falcons and the Lions have a one game lead in the wildcard race. It is possible that Detroit could lose their final three games (at Oakland, San Diego at home, and then at Green Bay.) If that was to happen, the Cowboys could sneak in as a wildcard by winning 2 more games.

I think they can win the last 3 games and make the playoffs.

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