Will the Dallas Cowboys Make the Playoffs?

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It is that time of the week again when your beloved writers answer questions from you faithful readers. Once again, the question created strong disagreements between the writers. If you follow this weekly column, you know that we have been searching for a way to settle these kinds of disputes. Unfortunately, the full-contact chess idea has fallen through. We couldn’t agree on whether or not weapons would be permitted. One of our writers insisted that we were journalists, and therefore in memory of Hunter S. Thompson it would only be right to have the losers chain-whipped. One writer was unwilling to risk an old-fashioned chain-whipping. We will keep you updated on our ongoing negotiations.

Jerry S. Smith, Salt Lake City: Do you think the Cowboys can still make the playoffs?

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Johnathan Barger: Jerry,  I think at this point it’s not a matter of can the Cowboys make the playoffs, but will they make the playoffs.  It all depends on how this group of players responds to back-to-back losses.  This team has the talent to compete with the best teams in the league.  We beat SF in OT with our 3rd and 4th string receivers, but lost to the Lions, Jets, Cardinals, and Giants because of mental mistakes and small errors down the stretch.  This team is going to start coming together, and you can quote me on that. There is too much leadership that is coming to the “meet jesus” point, and I believe that Garrett has the right type of guys with the right type of chemistry to where those leaders are going to vault this team into the post season.  And remember, in the NFL post-season, it’s anyone’s game.  We were the favorite in 2007, only to watch the Giants scratch and claw their way to a Super Bowl win. The lowly Seahawks last year went into beast mode all over the Saints.  I’m not so naive to think we are Super Bowl contenders right now, but who is to say we won’t be in 4 weeks?  6 weeks? The next three weeks will solve the mystery.

Seth Jones: I KNOW that the Cowboys can make the playoffs. Tampa, Philly, NY Giants… Win all three, and we’re in.. But this is no small task. My gut tells me “we’re screwed” but my butt tells me “we better NOT be screwed!

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