Five Reasons Why Jerry Jones Will Not Even Consider Firing Jason Garrett

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It would not surprise me if he was Garrett's hero and role-model.

2. In all of the recent interviews of Jerry Jones that I have watched and read on the topic of Garrett’s future, it was a mere five words that seemed the most important to me. He said,

We are just getting started.”

It is difficult to overstate the significance of that one little comment. I believe that Jerry Jones has finally come to the realization that the early legendary greatness he achieved with this team in the 90’s is not nearly as easy to duplicate as he originally thought and hoped. I believe that he has seen the errors of his ways (granted, not enough to relieve himself as the GM). Jerry Jones finally understands that sustained success in the NFL requires continuity in coaches, philosophy, and systems.

Jerry is painfully aware of the following facts:

The franchise had two coaches in its first 34 seasons, which resulted in 20 consecutive winning seasons and five Super Bowl victories; Jerry has had six different HC’s since Jimmy Johnson left in 1993. No HC has lasted more than four seasons. The Cowboys are 119-118 since 1997.

Jerry is a lot of things, but he is not stupid; he knows damn well that the teams that are perennially successful like the Patriots and Steelers have stability in the coaching staffs.

Jerry wants Garrett to be the next Tom Landry. I think that Jones believes that Garrett IS the next Landry. And when you think about it, Garrett has many of the same qualities as Landry. To enumerate just a few: they both played QB. Landry earned a Master’s degree from the University of Texas; Garrett went to Princeton. Like Landry, Garrett is young, and this is his first job as a HC. He is considered super intelligent by everyone who interacts with him. He is supremely professional. He almost always wears his poker-face. He is not prone to emotional outbursts in public. He is obsessively methodical about his work. He also seems detached and aloof. He will rarely give you a quote or comment that is going to make headlines. (Shady, I am not trying to suggest that Garrett is anywhere near the man, human being, football genius, or the coach that Landry was, so chastising me is not necessary! I just think that there are a fair amount of similarities in their personalities and demeanors).

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