Five Reasons Why Jerry Jones Will Not Even Consider Firing Jason Garrett

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The Dallas Cowboys have lost plenty of games this season that they could, and probably should, have won. Jason Garrett’s play-calling was blamed for the losses to the NY Jets, New England Patriots, and Detroit Lions. His clock management has been condemned as the reason for the losses to the Arizona Cardinals and NY Giants. Rob Ryan and the defense have also taken a lot of the blame for some of the losses. That aside, many ‘analysts’ and pundits have tried to hold Jason Garrett directly responsible for 5 of the 6 losses this season.  The notion, as ridiculous as it is, that Jerry Jones may fire Garrett if the Cowboys fail to make the playoffs this season is getting a fair amount of play in both the mainstream media and Cowboy blogs.

One of my favorite posts ( I find idiotic nonsense immensely amusing) was a recent article arguing that Garrett should be fired so that Rob Ryan could be the HC!

There is even a page on a social networking site dedicated to getting Garrett fired.

When you read these stories suggesting that the last 3 games are crucial to Garrett’s future and the like, keep in mind that these sports ‘journalists’ (I use that term loosely) need to fabricate the appearance of some kind of controversy to attract readers. Also keep in mind that some of the bloggers on this site and the some of the other blogs (BTB in particular) are far more knowledgeable about the Dallas Cowboys than the vast majority of the guys who work for ESPN, SI, etc.

Whether the fans like it or not, Garrett’s job is NOT in any jeopardy, and there are at least 5 good reasons why.

Click on the link to read the reasons why Garrett is not on the ‘hotseat’.

He will have patience with Garrett.

1.  Everyone knows that the only thing in the country bigger than Texas is Jerry Jone’s ego. Garrett is Jerry’s boy. Remember, Jones seriously considered making Garrett the Head Coach a few years ago before he hired Wade Phillips. Jerry been grooming Garrett for this job for years; he is not going to give up on him after 1 mediocre season. Jerry has publicly backed, championed, endorsed, supported, and done just about everything but bow down and worship Garrett since he named him HC. (Go back and watch the press conference where he introduced Garrett if you think I am overstating things.)

Jones hates to admit he has made a mistake. Think about how long it took him to get rid of Roy Williams and Wade Phillips. I am not suggesting that making Garrett the HC was a mistake, but if it was, there is no way Jones gives up on him after only 1 full season.

Jerry gets euphoric about the idea of making history. He desperately wants Garrett to be the first person to ever win a Super Bowl ring as a player and as a Coach for the same team. Garrett would have to do something horrendous before Jones will give up on him that quickly.

I never take anything Jones says too seriously because he loves a good smokescreen, but he has repeatedly said that he has no intention of getting rid of Garrett no matter how these last 3 games go.

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