IPCQ: Week 14, Dallas Cowboys VS New York Giants. Being a Cowboy fan is less fun these days.

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C onclusion

The Giants are mean. Eli Manning is mean. Hakeem Nicks is mean. Did you see his end zone celebration? What an ass-hat. Justin Tuck is mean. No, Justin. I don’t WANT to eat Subway everyday! I prefer Firehouse Subs. They have better meat balls. And I couldn’t be more serious about that. We will play the Giants once more this season. Will we be ready? Hell yes, we will! Will they be ready? Uhh.. Probably.. So what should we do? I’ll tell you what we should do! We should be readier! DeMarcus Ware endorses Red Bull now. Perhaps we need to implement Red Bull IVs on the sidelines. I’m going to go ahead and copyright that idea. You hear me, Red Bull? If you want to surge your product through the thickened veins of professional athletes, then you’re going to have to get my permission first! Ha! Another brilliant idea from Seth Jones, innovator of the Bunsen Burner Blowtorch. I should be an offensive coordinator. Or a special teams consultant, at least. Luckily, we have Tampa Bay next week. They could probably only manage to score about 70 on Alabama’s defense. So we got this. Ya’ll heard me!? We got this!

Q uickly Now..

-Twitter sucks because it navigates like a 1994 website. But Twitter feuds, Twitter jokes, and Humblebrags are great. Everyone should tweet at least a little bit. Except for old people.

-I’ve never gotten into Randy Rodgers Band much, but for some reason I’ve been listening to the Burning The Day album a lot. It’s solid music. Good lyrics, good sound.

-At first, I was bummed to see that they were making ANOTHER movie about the origin of Spider Man. But I hear that it will be closer to the comic story, and they were going to do a series of great movies, much like the Dark Knight Batman movies.

-Wade Philips is doing great in Houston! Nobody ever said he sucked as a defensive coordinator. He was made for that role. But head coach? *shiver*

-Somebody recently said that my Scradio Podcast sounded like we were recording in my mom’s basement. I wasn’t mad. But I’m really frustrated that I can’t find where they hid their camera.

-George R.R. Martin writes good books. Anyone out there who likes fiction novels should check out his Song of Ice and Fire series.

-My wife has forced a dog into our family. I do NOT look forward to potty training an animal with the IQ of a cumquat.

-I know how many people read my articles, but I wonder how many people will read THIS LINE right here.

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