Putting the Defense's Performance Against Arizona in Perspective

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He was a non-factor for most of the game.

- the Cowboys defense played an excellent first half.  I believe they gave up less than 50 yards of total offense.

- at the end of 60 minutes, the Cowboys defense had finished the day with a strong outing: they held Fitzgerald to around 50 yards on 4 catches.  Jackassjj wrote that Kolb had only 13 completions for a scant 165 yards ( I have not attempted to verify the exact numbers because it seemed reasonable).

- Beanie Wells had just 67 yards on 20 carries for the entire day.

- Rob Ryan continued to rush just 3 players on 3rd and long (not every 3rd and long, but most of them).

- Rob Ryan’s defense doesn’t seem to be utilizing all the confusing coverages and pre-snap motion that appeared to be so successful early in the year.

- Terence Newman was beat more often than anyone else in the secondary.

- Scandrick continues to show that he is an effective blitzer; he came very close to getting another sack.

- Kenyon Coleman continues to play fairly stout against the run.

- Ware continues to rack up false start penalties on the offensive lineman trying to block him.

- Alan Ball made a heads-up play to recover a Dez Bryant fumble.

- Anthony Spencer made several big tackles in the running game.  On at least 3 occasions he stood up a blocker, chucked the blocker off, and then single-handedly tackled the ball carrier.  Anyone who tells you that Spencer isn’t playing well doesn’t understand how this defense is intended to operate or what Spencer’s role is.  Spencer is doing a very good good of doing what he is asked to do.

Click on the link to read about my observations from each Arizona possession.

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