IPCQ: Week 13, Dallas Cowboys VS Arizona Cardinals. We put the icing on our own cake.

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I ntroduction: Jason Garrett was born in Abington, Pennsylvania on what was likely a cold and rainy night. His parents likely had high expectations, as is often the case in ginger bloodlines. Little Baby Jason would not disappoint. He attended high school in Hunting Valley, Ohio where he was a letterman in football, basketball, and baseball. Although he was capable in all three sports, he excelled in football. During his high school playing days, he managed to earn honors as a capable quarterback and safety. A bright-eyed Garrett graduated from University School in 1984. He foresaw even more greatness to come in the future. And he was right correct in his foresight.

Garrett went on to play quarterback for the prestigious Princeton University. He performed well, and at one point he even won the Ivy League Player of the Year honor. He currently holds the Ivy League record for career completion percentage. Garrett left college with his head held high, as he should.

As you can imagine, Garrett wasn’t a commodity at the NFL draft, as Ivy League quarterbacks are typically glazed over as “those kids who couldn’t play division 1 football”. However, he managed to sign as a free agent with the New Orleans Saints. It didn’t last long, as Garrett wanted to play football, not sit on the bench. After brief stints in various football leagues, Garrett found a home with the Dallas Cowboys as Troy Aikman’s 3rd string back-up.  Garrett received playing time due to injuries to Aikman and Rodney Peete, and managed to play well and create some memories along the way.

All in all, Garrett’s playing career was impressive, although far from Hall of Fame worthy. He’d always performed well when his number was called. He was always prepared, and his resume spoke for itself. A life-long football man, and an intelligence that can be proven with the boast of a degree from Princeton. Needless to say, it is safe to assume that his parents were proud of the man that they had raised.

And then he iced his own kicker and now everybody hates that redheaded bastard.

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