What Do the Dallas Cowboys Need the Most?

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He is one of the few OL who can count on starting next year.

It’s that time, once again, where we take a moment to answer a question submitted by you, the faithful and very much appreciated Landry Hat reader.

For those of you who read yesterday’s How Can Rob Ryan Fix the Dallas Cowboys’ Secondary article: our lawyer has advised us that our insurance does not cover full-contact chess IF it is a ‘work-related’ function.  We may be able to get around this problem by calling it a “sporting event” and selling tickets.  We will let you know.

Now onto our last question from the Landry Hat faithful for this week.

Benito Cullini, Buffalo:  I know this may seem premature, especially when it looks like the Boys will make the playoffs, but what do you think is the Cowboys biggest area of need that they need to address this offseason?

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Marney Robinson: I think the biggest area of need in the offseason is at cornerback and offensive line.  Terence Newman isn’t getting any younger, and has shown signs this season that he is starting to

He will benefit from an off-season with Mike Woicik.

slip in performance.  The Cowboys signed Orlando Scandrick to a five year extension before the season began, but his performance this year has been spotty.  If it wasn’t for depth purposes, I don’t see any reason for Alan Ball to have a place on this team.  He is a liability in coverage.  And Frank Walker has done what has been asked of him, but he’s nothing more than a fourth cornerback at best.  Drafting a cornerback high in the draft to replace Newman and compete with Scandrick for the starting spot would be ideal.  On the offensive line, Montrae Holland and Phil Costa are nothing more than band-aids.  They are not the long-term solutions.  Finding a guard and center to replace them in the offseason, along with flipping the positions of Doug Free and Tyron Smith, is a necessity.

Seth Jones: The off-season moves will need to focus on improving the secondary and the offensive line. Not only could we use some better competition in our secondary, but we are lacking in quality depth in that department. Our offensive line has been looking better with DeMarco Murray’s running style, but it has been sorely neglected and we could use some help in that area.

Also, we should draft an Asian punter. How cool would that be? I don’t think I’ve ever seen an Asian punter. Jerry could be the first owner to ever employ an Asian punter, and I’m sure he’d like that.

Update: We spoke with Seth this morning. He is in Cambodia still.  He says the report about the kicker was inflated and untrue: the kid is 16, and he can only kick a coconut  35 yards.


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