Wednesdays Words For Success - Week 13 - The Dallas Cowboys Edition

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Bruce Carter, you need to learn that playbook and be ready to play in a hurry. Everyone (including 31 offensive coordinators) has seen what a liability both Bradie James and Keith Brooking are in pass coverage. Your athletic ability is far superior and you have a knack for pass coverage. You should be bunking with Sean Lee, eating lunch with Sean Lee, showering with Sean Lee. If you haven’t met him, he’s the guy that’s going to be standing next to you in the middle of the Cowboys defense for the next eight years or so. You are a playmaker, and this defense needs someone to step and make plays. Sean Lee should lose his Q-tip of a left arm pretty soon, but imagine if our underneath coverage was at full strength? And QBs would have to wait another split second to make the deeper throws. Can you say sack-city?

Jimmy Robinson, what are you doing man? Has that concussion affected you this much? You have a free agent come in and blow the playbook out of the water, but your up-and-coming star WR doesn’t seem to know where to go to catch a cold. I’m sure you’re making sure he brushes his teeth, pulls his pants up, and pays for his jewelry, but we need some production. I know that Dez is seeing more coverage shifted towards him with Miles injured, but he has to learn how to get open. The best ones in the game all do it. Andre Johnson, Calvin Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald. They all get open, even if double covered. It’s about time Dez starts living up to the playmaking potential we all hope he has.

Dave Campo, I am holding you personally responsible for the secondary play over the past few weeks. This week you have a big test. Megatron was a non factor against the Lions until Sensabaugh was knocked out of the game. However, Fitzgerald is better than Megatron. The QB play is abysmal, but they get paid too. And they will still get the ball to an area where Fitz can catch it, and make you pay. Fix the problems, and for Pete’s sake, keep Alan Ball out of the game. He would fit in perfectly to that ABC TV show; you know, the one where no one seemed to know what was going on or where they were? I think it was called “Lost” starring Alan Ball.

Terence Newman, Brandon Marshall probably did need a hug. His wife stabbed him this summer and he is wishing he was back in Denver, being “Tebow’d” and having Tebow throw him the ball, but if you are going to put him in a Full Nelson, please be sure he doesn’t catch the ball. It’s ok though, you’re on your way out of Dallas next year. Please take Alan Ball with you…

Doug Free, Mr. False start. Jerry should be fining you every time you commit a mental error like that. I understand holding. I would rather you hold than to have the Boy’s lose Romo for the season. It’s excusable, to a certain extent. But the pre-snap penalties are drive killers, and you should be fined for every single one that happens from here on out. Those penalties can be overcome against the Seahawks, Bill, Redskins, and Dolphins, but when you play good teams in the playoffs like the Saints and the Packers, they will eat you alive. You just got a huge paycheck this offseason. Show that you’re worth it.

Cowboys, every game in recent memory that has been played in the desert has had some sort of fluke or catastrophe. For those that don’t remember, in 2008, Tony Romo broke his pinky and left Brad Johnson in charge of the offense along with a blocked punt that left McBriar’s foot broken and McBriar out for the season. Last year, on Christmas Day, Stephen McGee orchestrated a beautiful game-tying drive, only to have it spoiled by a linebacker shanking an extra point. At the beginning of the season, this division looked to be one of the tougher divisions in football. The Giants are always in some sort of contention until the end, the Eagles won the free agency Super Bowl, and we finished strong behind a mid-season head coaching change. This division has been handed to you on a silver platter. The Eagles have imploded, and the Giants can’t seem to win against tough opponents with a tough schedule coming up. If you can win out, your chances will improve at going on a deep playoff run and a return to greatness in the eyes of Vince Lombardi.

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