Wednesdays Words For Success - Week 13 - The Dallas Cowboys Edition

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Last week, and the week before that, our Cowboys scratched, clawed, and MacGyver’d their way into two wins. This is not to be confused with the Jets and Lions game, where they MacGruber’d their way into two losses. The Miami game was not a “trap game” after the 1st 7 games, but coming off a 3-game win streak, the Dolphins forgot about their record and went into this game thinking they were undefeated. They played us hard, and I find it hard to believe that Jason Garrett would have allowed his team to take these Dolphins lightly.

The Cowboys were ready to play, but the Dolphins were a  better team than their record indicated. Before I get into my weekly post, and offer up some words for success for key players, coaches, and personnel, I want to point out the benefit of playing in these tight games. Jason Garrett preached at the beginning of the season about how more often than not, in the NFL, a game is decided by less than a touchdown (7 points, with PAT). This Cowboys team is starting to come together because of these tough, emotional wins. In Jason Garrett’s post game speech to his team, the players were chanting “OFFENSE! DEFENSE! SPECIAL TEAMS!” and Jason affirmed that chant. In the NFL it’s about all three phases, and this is getting it done. Someone call Dr. Scholls, because this team is gellin’.

Rob Ryan, you seem to appear in my column for all the wrong reasons lately. Instead of you claiming dominance over every offense in the NFL and backing it up, your defense seems to be less like Cowboys and more like little “buckaroos”. Granted, as a fan, I would love to see a giant goose egg next to the opponents score each and every week. But this is the NFL, and those opposing offenses get paid too, so my wish isn’t very realistic. I haven’t been noticing your ‘chaos’ scheme much. It seems that you’ve gone very basic. In the beginning of the year, you threw the kitchen sink at opposing QBs, and it seemed to have a lot of success. I haven’t seen the wandering players as much, or the massive confusion on the part of the offense. This defense is going stagnant, and it needs rejuvenation.

Dan Bailey, for a long time now, whenever the Cowboys attempted a kick, a familiar nervous feeling twisted our stomachs into knots. When Tony Romo drove down the field, I was nervous. He does have the “clutch gene” but, he has also thrown games away. When we had passed the 35 yard line, my arteries relaxed. I knew that Dan “The Man” Bailey was automatic. But, DeMarcus Ware obliterated you when eating it; just because you are a kicker doesn’t mean you have to eat like one. Chow down and act like you actually broke a sweat out there. And as always, keep it up with the kicks; I’ll keep it up with the anti-freeze.

More for Bruce Carter, Jimmy Robinson, Dave Campo,  Terrence Newman, and Doug Free after the break…

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