Is Shaun Chapas Finally Getting a Seat at the Dallas Cowboys' Table?

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At 6'2'' and 250 pounds, he is built like a lead blocker.

It looks like the Dallas Cowboys are continuing to churn the bottom of the roster. Several news sources are reporting that Akwasi Owusu-Ansah was cut Tuesday. Many fans have been calling for him to be cut after two weeks of being ineffective as a returner. He did have a 21 yard punt return last week that seems to get overlooked.

The speculation is that he was cut to make room for FB Shaun Chapas; he was a 2011 7th round draft choice, and he is currently on the practice squad.

The scouting reports on Chapas varied quite a bit in the early aftermath of the Draft, but some things seemed to be agreed upon, including: he has an old-school throwback mentality, he works hard, and he is a ‘coach’s dream’.  The downside was his lack of bulk and athleticism.  If anyone has any facts on whether he has bulked up since the Draft, please share it with us.

I have never been one to place too much importance on pure size, sheer speed, or any other specific attribute.  I would rather have a player with heart, who works hard, and hates to lose. (I believe that a genuine disgust and loathing of losing is a far better quality in an athlete than a love of winning.) Chapas sounds like he may just have the attitude, work ethic, and mentality to be successful.

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He should improve with a true FB laying the tracks for the DM Express.

It is no secret to Cowboy fans that the running game has suffered tremendously without a healthy Tony Fiammetta. RB’s Demarco Murray’s average gain per rush drops something like 3 or more yards when Fiammetta is not in the game.

I think everyone agrees that any post-season success will need a balanced offensive attack; this season has shown that the Cowboys OL needs a good lead blocker in its FB if it is going to be successful.

I have been suggesting that they call Chapas up since Fiammetta’s second injury. John Phillips is just not physically built to be a lead blocker; he is too tall.

As with any rookie that finally gets to sit at the table with the big dogs, I am extremely hopeful that Chapas can contribute to the offense.

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