Dallas Cowboys vs. Miami Dolphins Review: Defense

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Well, the Dallas Cowboys played another ridiculously close game this week against the Miami Dolphins.

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I will list the things that stood out to me as I watched the game, and then conclude with my thoughts about Rob Ryan’s defense and the secondary.

When I read some of the game reviews this week, I was pretty surprised at how unhappy the Cowboy fans were. I sometimes think the fans will only be happy when we score at least 30 and hold the opposition to under 10 every game. I don’t think they played awesome, but I do think that holding a hot Miami team to 19 is better than average.

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General Observations:

Before we go getting downtrodden about the defense, let us remember that this was a Miami offense that was riding a three game winning streak in which they averaging over 28 points per game. Matt Moore had a QB rating of over 130 in two of those victories.

Newsflash: giving up 19 points is not that bad.

- There are only 6 teams in the league giving up less than 19 points a game. The Cowboys give up an average of 20.5.

- I thought the defense played very well in the first half. They came up with big stops to force FGs.

Miami had 7 possessions in the first half. They had 3 drives that started with excellent field position in the 1st Quarter (Miami 42, 50, Dallas 26). Miami also had a short field in the 2nd quarter when the kickoff was returned to the Miami 44. I think holding them to 6 points under these conditions is pretty impressive.

- The illegal contact by Abe Elam was a huge play. With less than 13 minutes remaining in the game, it was 3rd and 5, the Cowboys were still winning by 1. Ware sacked Moore which should have forced a punt. Instead, Elam’s penalty gave Miami a first down. To make matters worse, the penalty was unnecessary. Miami ended up scoring a FG on that drive to take the lead.

- I noticed more missed tackles this week then I recall seeing all year.

- Everyone is raving about Dez Bryant’s 21 yard punt return. Everyone was calling for Akawsi to be replaced last week. I think AOA deserves more of a chance; he was only active for 2 games before people were calling for him to be axed.

AOA only returned one punt this week; it was for 21 yards, and it got the Boys out to their 36 with only about 3 minutes left in the half.

- Scandrick continues to be used effectively as a blitzer; he had another sack this week.

- While Ryan continues to use DB’s and Safeties as blitzers, he is not using all the pre-snap movement that he was earlier in the year.

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