Dallas Cowboys Questions from Landry Hat Readers

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It is hard to imagine him not getting inducted to the H.O.F. in his first year of eligibility.

Tara Boyd, NY City: Who do you think is the MVP of the Cowboys right now?

Mike Pisasale: Sean Lee.

Mark Contreras. I think for the MVP of the Dallas Cowboys has been the same for the past 5-6 years. DeMarcus Ware is as dominant as it gets. So far this season, he leads the league in sacks (again) and is on pace for a defensive MVP in my opinion. The quarterback always makes the show “go,” but D-Ware shuts the opposing teams’ party down more often than not.

Ashley Bolton: I think Romo has to be the MVP because even though he has struggled at times he has also won the Cowboys some big games. I mean he led the Cowboys to a victory over the 49ers. Although he has thrown a few costly picks this season, would the Cowboys been in the position they are in without him? I don’t think they would be.

Tonni Shook: I can tell you who I think the MVP is:  DAN money BAILEY! He has bailed out the Cowboys time and time and time again. As I wrote in my article, he accounts for 40% of the Cowboys total points! Who else can say that?! Without Dan – Cowboys are 4-7!

Robert Diton: I don’t want to tackle the MVP question. That question is always a hard one and so many cases can be made for so many people (Romo, Murray, Fiammetta, Witten, Bailey, etc.) that I try to stay away from that, if I can. At least until the season’s over.

C. Joseph Wright: I wish I knew Robert better, because then I could razz him about taking the easy way out, rather than praising his wisdom for being patient enough to wait til the season is over. Very judicious Robert.

If someone told me in September that I would consider the FG kicker in the conversation for MVP of this team, I would have made a joke about “getting off the crack-pipe”. But, here we are, 11 games into the season, and I was going to going to choose Bailey, but he has an advocate already.

If it was an official award, I would not argue with any of the choices made by the other writers. But, I am going to go with Jason Witten. For me, the MVP award should fulfill two objectives: 1. Reward excellence. 2. Provide a lesson and motivation to the rest of the team. I can not think of a better role-model than Jason Witten. He is the consummate professional in every conceivable way. He works hard. He practices hard. He trains hard. He studies hard. He plays hard. If we had a team of Witten’s, it would be the best football team ever assembled.

Thanks again to Willis and Tara for their questions. Thanks to Mark, Ashley, Robert, Tonni, and Mike for taking the time to share their expertise with us.

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