Dallas Cowboys Questions from Landry Hat Readers

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Those of you who read my weekly articles, know that I have been asking our readers to help me answer the questions I pose in my Preview, so that I can include their answers in my Reviews.  Click here to read about that. 

Some of you have submitted your thoughts about the game, but more and more, I am getting questions from Landry Hat readers.  Rather than just answer the questions myself, I thought it would be better to seek the opinions of the erudite writers here at the Landry Hat.  A few of them were kind enough to share their knowledge with us this week.

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To read the first question, submitted by Willis Williard, aka Choosey, click on the link.


How much better can he make Romo?

Willis Williard.I’m a diehard Cowboy Fan who takes a lot of heat about Romo. I must say after the Detroit game I was distraught, but I still stuck up for him. Do you think the emergence of DeMarco Murray and the running game will make Romo one of the elite QB’s in the NFL?

Ashley Bolten: I think adding Murray as the starter has been the greatest thing to happen to the Cowboys. The Boys have looked like an entirely different team with him in the lineup. He takes the pressure off the pass and allows Romo to not have to force the ball or pass on every down.

Robert Diton: I’m also a Diehard Cowboys fan who takes heat about Romo (I’ve also been known to vote for Tony in every election. Vote for who you believe in, right?). Giants fans that say “yeah…well…he’s just not a winner like Eli” but I also hear from just your average football fans that Tony is too inconsistent to win every week. It was obvious last week that when the running game halted, that put a lot more pressure on Tony. Murray’s emergence has really taken some heat off Romo to win games by himself. While patenting his famous spin move, Tony can avoid the rush and continue to spot the open receiver down field. The way Garrett runs this offense, the running game is very important to the quarterback, and with Murray becoming a household name, it just gives us another weapon in our arsenal. Will it bump him into elite status? I’m not sure. But, he’s saying all the right things and doing all the right things, so fans should continue to stick by their quarterback.

Mike Pisasale: NO. Romo still has to throw accurately, protect the football, and make good decisions at the QB position , REGARDLESS of the emergence of Demarco Murray and the running game. It only takes one pick six to delete anything Demarco Murray does in any game.

Mark Contreras: Listen, Tony is who Tony is. We all think we can change him but he will ALWAYS play the way we have seen him play. Yes, always. But here’s the deal: I think he is elite RIGHT NOW. He is still the highest-rated quarterback in 4th quarter situations in NFL history. He has lead 12 fourth-quarter comebacks and 13 game-winning drives in his time in Dallas (Aaron Rodgers has 3 and 5). Make no mistake, Tony Romo is the reason the Cowboys are even relevant. Much is made of who is “elite” and those who are good enough to win a Super Bowl. This myth is one of the most infuriating in sports because quarterbacks do not win Super Bowls, football teams win Super Bowls. The emergence of DeMarco Murray only furthers that goal because it makes the Cowboys a better football team

C. Joseph Wright: I have to be honest, my answer to this question changed a bit after I saw the 2 INT’s this week against the Phins, but I still think the answer is yes. I agree with Mark: I think that Romo is an elite QB now. Like Robert suggests, I think that all Dallas Cowboy fans hear tons of crap about Romo.

Yes, Romo makes some mistakes, and he seems to make them at the worst times, but this team couldn’t stay competitive with Kitna, or McGee, or Kyle Orton. This team has had a chance to win every game they have played this year (I forget about that Eagles game), and that would not be true with any other QB available to them. The emergence of DeMarco Murray makes Romo much better. As I noted after the Redskins game, the play of Murray has drastically altered Garrett’s game plan and play-calling. Adding Murray to the offense, to me, means that they will have the offensive balance necessary to make the playoffs, and they will have a chance to win a game in the in post-season.

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