Dallas Cowboys vs Washington Redskins Review: Offense

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As you know, I am trying to make my weekly articles here a bit more interactive.  Here are some of the first reader responses I received:

Jackassjj:After reading about Jabba Gaffney’s tweet, do you think that Emmitt Smith could kick his butt?

Well jackassjj, if that is your real name, I really have to wonder how old you are. Did you ever see Emmitt play?  If you have, then you know he has super-powers.  Obviously he could defeat any mortal.  Duh! That question is almost as ridiculous as the kid in the movie Stand By Me who questioned,”Who would win in a fight between Mighty Mouse and Superman”? Clearly Mighty Mouse is only a cartoon, while Superman is a real guy.

Jason Walsh, SF, Cali: You have asked about the OL and who shoudl get the credit for Murray’s success.  Not sure who should get the credit, but i did notice that Phil Costa gets blown off the ball, back several yards, on more than one occasion, in more than 1 game this year.

I agree, Phil Costa has been out-muscled and over-powered at times this year.  I think this OL is still a work in progress.  The good news is they have 2 Tackles to build around in the future.  You are correct, the Cowboys will certainly look to upgrade the interior of the OL this offseason.  Kosier is getting old and Holland doesn’t project well as a long term solution, so I am not sure if getting a new Center is practical.  If he is not replaced, hopefully Costa can at least beef up and improve his strength with a full offseason with the best strengthening and conditioning Coach in the game Mike Woicik.

As always, I want input from you guys to include in my future posts.  Click here to read the general details.

Because it is Thanksgiving, things will be a bit different here at the Landry Hat this week.  I will be writing a Review of the Dolphins game, rather than a preview of the Sunday game.  So, I can’t tell you what I will be watching for, but email with any observations that you have about the Phins game and I may include it.

Thank you to jackassjj and Jason for being the first ones to email me with something to contribute.

I hope everyone has a great holiday!  Thanks for the well wishes Shady.

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