Dallas Cowboys vs Washington Redskins Review: Offense

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His presence may change Garrett's gameplans and offensive philosophy.



– DeMarco Murray was held to around 75 yards on 25 carries.  This is certainly not the fabulous success he has had the last 4 weeks.  But the important thing is:

Garrett called THIRTY running plays in a close game.  When was the last time that the Cowboys played a close game, behind in the 2nd half, and Garrett the Head Coach still kept running the ball?

The answer, I am pretty sure, is: NEVER!

Compare the 30 rushes to Romo’s 37 pass attempts.  The Cowboys were in a tight game, yet Garrett managed to keep the offensive attack balanced.  I don’t think he has ever done this as a Head Coach.  I am not sure whether it is the emergence of Murray as a runner or simply the maturation of Garrett as a coach, but the play calling we witnessed Sunday should stand out as something new, and unexpected, from Garrett.

I believe this fact alone (Garrett sticking with the run in a close game even when the running was not very productive) gives the Cowboy Nation something to celebrate: having offensive balance, and patience when the rushing game gets stalled, is a necessary step this team needed to take before it was capable of moving on from being a ‘mediocre/sometimes quite good’ team to a very good team.

– Despite the low average and total, I thought that Murray played a good game.  He wasn’t perfect, but he ran hard, he fought for yards, and he finished every run.

– Murray’s play wasn’t atrocious.  He converted a very important 4th and 1 attempt without much help from the OL by bouncing it outside.

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