Dallas Cowboys vs Washington Redskins Review: Offense

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In the 4th quarter and OT, he was closer to "clutch" than "choker".

The Cowboys did not have a great day offensively against the Redskins, but they still managed 27 points against a decent defense.

More importantly, I think we witnessed something from Jason Garrett as a Head Coach that marks a pivotal change in his play calling (click here to jump to that).


– Romo certainly has his ‘escapability’ back, for I heard several onlookers comment, “That boy has ninja skills.”  The best part is, Romo isn’t turning the ball over.

Click on the link to continue reading about Romo and the Cowboy’s passing game against the Skins.

– Tony Romo has not fumbled since week three against these same Redskins.  He has not lost a fumble since week 1.

– Romo has not thrown an interception since week 8 against the Eagles.  Since the debacle in Detroit, Romo has thrown just 2 picks in the last 6 games.

Romo showed that he can spread the ball around; he can always use another reliable target.

– After that Lions game, I speculated that Tony’s colossal meltdown would have a lasting and profound impact on him (click here to read).  You could argue, based on the lack of turnovers alone, that the loss in Detroit changed Romo.

– Tony Romo and Laurent Robinson did not seem to have the same rapport this week as they’ve shared in the last couple weeks.  Romo compensated for the lack of chemistry with Robinson by completing passes to 8 other receivers.

Robinson was targeted with 10-12 passes, but he only caught 4 for 35 yards (one was a TD).  I really couldn’t decide where the problem was.  I have heard Robinson blamed for running the wrong/poor routes and making the wrong read on option routes; I have heard people say Romo’s accuracy was off and he ‘missed’ several throws; I have also read that it was very windy and that may have been a factor.  What do you guys think?

– Dez Bryant continues to show flashes of greatness and he makes plays in big situations, but for some reason that escapes my understanding, he doesn’t seem to be able to keep himself involved in the offense for a full 4 quarters.  Does anyone have any insight on why?

– I wonder whether Artie still wants to jettison ol Marty B?  (I am pretty sure this was too little too late for Artie, but we will see.) As you all know, I am the only person in the world who thinks the Cowboys should keep Bennett, so I have to point out that he finally did something positive other than block.  He caught all 3 balls that were thrown at him, and two of them were very important plays.

– Kevin Ogletree also had an important catch for a 1st down

Click on the link to read about the running game.

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