Dallas Cowboys vs Washington Redskins Preview: Offense

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Will he just spell Murray, or will Garrett get creative in finding ways to use Felix?

Where, when, how, and how often will Felix Jones be used?

I speculated, before the boys at ESPN started talking about it, that Felix would return kicks.  This is not really even clever: he has done it before and Ogletree has struggled.  It just makes sense.

I presume that we will see a Felix desperately anxious to prove his value to the offense.  He has to be a bit worried about his future as a feature back.  If we see nothing else from Felix, I expect that we will at least see his best effort.

Finding a role for Jones may be difficult given that the job of relieving Murray when he gets tired has been performed quite well by Phillip Tanner.  If Jones is not needed to give Murray breathers, then you would assume that Garrett will get creative with how he uses Jones.

Will they use him on 3rd downs?  Will he be the primary receiver when he does come in?  Will they use him on screens? Will he motion out of the backfield into the slot or flanker position?

Can Felix give this team a spark in the return game?  The kick return unit is the unit that is most in need of improvement.

Click on the link to read about the Redskins formidable pass-rush.

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