IPCQ: Week 10, Dallas Cowboys VS Buffalo Bills. We paid the bills, with interest.

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C onclusion:

Good times, good times. This is a win that will be remembered when the season is over. It will end up being our most impressive win, as far as scoring differential is concerned. We can’t expect this level of domination every week. Not in the NFL. It just doesn’t happen. But we can take this victory and carry the momentum into the next game. We did so many things well, and we can capitalize of those things. Hey, thrashing the Bills was fun. We handled our business. Let’s drink beers and eat nachos. But Wednesday morning is the end of those nachos. We can keep drinking beer… But we’ve got a big game coming up! It’s cowboys and indians, baby! I don’t care how bad the Redskins have looked lately. This is the NFL, this is the NFC, and this is Cowboys-Redskins. Anything goes. I’m excited, are you? If you’re not, then you need to drink more beer. More beer! More!

Doesn’t it feel good? (The win, not the beer)

Q uickly Now..

-Michael Vick is capable of great quarterbacking. But with that speed, comes a frail body. I’m sorry, but there are at least 8 quarterbacks that I would take to build my franchise around before I got to Vick.

-For any southern rock fans out there: There is a very under-rated and under-the-radar band called Willie Stradlin that you need to check out. Their album “1000 Miles Away” is great.

-If you have the money, do yourself a favor and go to Outback Steakhouse on a cold night. Get the Sam Adam’s Winter Lager on draft, the house sirloin, and eat the delicious bread. It reminds you that life doesn’t suck as bad as it seems.

-This college football season is delivering great drama, as always. But with the Longhorns down, and LSU up, it’s hard for me to be excited every week. I just have to hope for a fun national title game with a big upset.

-I’m surprised poor people don’t read more books. You can get them for really cheap. I’m poor. I read books. (Innovator)

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