Dallas Cowboys vs Buffalo Bills Review: Quick Reactions Defense

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The defense stifled the Bills all day long.

The Dallas Cowboys trounced the Buffalo Bills this week. The entire team – offense, defense, and special teams – played extremely well. The following is a summary of the things that stood out to me on defense.

I thought that the defense played pretty damn good. If you noticed any flaws in their play that escaped my attention, please let us all know in the comments section.

As I mentioned before, I have only watched the game once at regular speed, so if I make any mistakes, please be sure to leave the corrections in the comments section.

Click on the link to read my thoughts about the defense as a unit.

In general:

He tackles well in run support, and he is one of the reasons the Cowboys rarely get burned for long passes.

– They gave up one TD to a Bills team that was averaging somewhere around 28 points per game coming in.

– The 3 INT’s were not as exceptional as it sounds; at least two of the three were terrible passes by Fitzpatrick.

– The front 7 played much better against the run than Fred Jackson’s game stats (13 carries for 114 yards) suggest.

– The pressure from the front 7 (probably the front 15 if you count all the subs) combined with solid coverage from the DB’s made Ryan Fitzpatrick look awful; he looked as ineffective as his 46.6 QB rating suggests.

– The entire defense played hard for a full four quarters. Even with a huge lead, they still continued to fight for a full 60 minutes; no one was lollygagging or shying away from contact. One example is emblematic of their general effort: Abe Elam was trying to strip the football away from the kick returner when there was only 5 minutes left in the game.  I mentioned this ‘trait’ after the Rams game; I like seeing a defense that hates giving up TD’s even when they have insurmountable leads.

Click here to read the rest of the general observations.

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