Five Reasons Why Felix Jones Will Not Start Over DeMarco Murray

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It’s the question every Dallas Cowboy fan has been asking themselves since rookie running back DeMarco Murray ran over, around, and through the St. Louis Rams to the tune of 253 yards in Week Seven: what is Head Coach Jason Garrett going to do when starting running back Felix Jones returns from injury?

Those, who at first, answered that question by saying they’d start Jones over Murray have probably reconsidered since the former Sooner  has run so consistently the past four weeks. Oh, and let’s not forget that the Cowboys did go 3-1 while he did so. But, would Coach Garrett ever possibly consider starting Jones over Murray? To answer that question, I present five reasons why Garrett will choose not to start the veteran over the rookie.


Reason #1: Team Philosophy

When Jason Garrett took over the 1-7 Dallas Cowboys last year, he began by instituting a culture change at Valley Ranch. That culture change is considered by many to be the main reason for Dallas’ apparent turnaround. Garrett focuses on fundamentals and always preaches doing the right things, doing them well, and doing them daily. He never focuses on the past or future, just the present. One of his main messages to his players this year has been the phrase: “taking advantage of your opportunities”. Garrett has said multiple times that players need to be prepared to step up if one of their peers goes down with injury. He uses the example of Miles Austin’s success as a testament to that philosophy. Now that Murray has followed this motto perfectly, how could Garrett take it away from him? He can’t. It would simply send the wrong message to the team, and it would literally be Garrett disregarding his own philosophy.

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