Dallas Cowboys vs. Buffalo Bills Review: Quick Reactions Offense

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A Qb rating of 148.4 tells the story: Romo was nearly flawless.

The Dallas Cowboys dominated the Buffalo Bills this Sunday.  I can hear the voices in the background already, whispering in the corner: “It was JUST the Bills.”

Anyway, today’s performance should leave the team and the fans with lots to be happy and optimistic about.

The offense scored TD’s on its first four possessions. Tony Romo completed his first 13 passes; his first 5 or 6 completions were to different receivers.

DeMarco Murray continued to chew up yardage in sizable chunks.  The offense was genuinely “firing on all cylinders”.

It will take a football mind and personality like Bill Parcells to find much to be critical about the offense this week (the obvious area of concern is the run defense).  Did you guys see anything on offense that stood out as a problem?

I have only watched the game once, and I watched it at full speed without any rewinding, so some of my observations may be inaccurate.  I will try to follow up with the defense later today.

Click on the link to read some of he specific things I noticed:

The QB

– Tony Romo played like an All-star.

The O-Line

The O-Line showed signs of significant improvement.

– The OL looked better to me than they have all year; they certainly didn’t look horrible.

I don’t think they were flagged for holding or a false start.

They pass-blocked well enough for Romo to complete 23 passes out of 26 attempts for 270 yards, and 3 TDs, 0 INT’s.

They run-blocked well enough for Murray to gain 135 yards on 20 carries; although, Murray gained a bunch of yards on several plays by bouncing it outside because the OL could not make any holes in the middle.

Click on the link to read about Murray the Marvel.

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