Dallas Cowboys vs Buffalo Bills Preview: Offense

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Do we finally have a RB that can carry this team?

Can the OL line continue to open holes for DeMarco Murray?

Murray’s success in the last few games has attracted national attention.  If Murray can continue to have strong showings as a starter, it will get harder and harder to justify replacing him with Felix Jones once Jones is healthy again.  I don’t think it matters who starts the game; what matters is how each back gets used and how many touches each one receives. Will Murray continue to look like he can be the primary ball carrier?

The Cowboys really made a concerted effort to attack the edges of Seattle last week.  I will be watching to see where the majority of runs are designed to go.  Will they force the ball onto the perimeter, or will they try sledding between the Tackles?  Against Seattle, they ran inside much less often than outside, but they were successful running in both areas.  Murray does an exceptional job on wide tosses, so I expect to see them use that play.

I will be watching to see whether Murray continues to show the ability to bounce runs outside when the play is designed to go between the tackles, but there is no hole in the middle.

I really think that Murray’s vision and ability to wait on a play to develop are the main reason for his success.  I will be watching to see if he can continue to be patient and exploit the tiniest of holes.

The Bills looked really soft up the middle against the run last week. Even when it was late in the game and it was obvious that the Jets wanted to run out the clock, the Bills still gave up lots of yards right in the middle.  Can the Cowboys OL move the DL off the line of scrimmage like the Jets did?  Will they be able to pound the ball in the middle?

Click on the link to read the rest of my thoughts on the running game.

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